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    I was recently talking to my married friend and we were discussing how careful a women has to be on the halachos pertaining to teharas hamishapacha and druing and after having a child ect ect. We were discussing that when you have your first child/ children one is careful and stringent (which you MUST be of course) with the halachos..but what happens when a women has children later on …and/or simply forgets the halachos. so, she was saying how there ARE “Refreshers Kallah Classes”- BUT, they are expensive. So our question was like this- teharas hamishapacha IS above all VERY important- so why make something so crutial to a Jewish Kosher Marriage to be so expensive that the women rather NOT go beacuse of the price…is there anyone that does it for free for women in such a case? We thought it would be extremely benificial for the women of our community to know there is an available/ free ‘refreshers course” on the halachos of teharas hamishpacha/nidda ect..Is there something like that out there, and we want to hear your opinions.


    I believe Irgun Shiurei Torah has Shovavim projects for this reason. One year more geared to men the other to women. There are tapes readily available.


    rednails- you are right and i think they have these available…. I know that there was once such a course where I live


    Isn’t there a printed guide in English for these halachas?



    Im being honest here, i dont think many women are just gonna plop down on their couches and start reading the “guide”…i think going to or listening to a live shiur/class is probably a better way.

    m in Israel

    Irgun Shiuri Torah does organize yearly refresher courses all over the world. In addition, they sell numerous sets of tapes/ CDs by many different presenters for both men and women on this topic. I personally LOVE the series by Reb. Zehava Braunstein, a’h “Halachos and Hashkofos for the Jewish Married Woman” sold by Irgun Shuiri Torah — I try to listen to the whole set every year or so. Besides being very clear and specific she is so inspiring. Of course a live class, especially where you can ask questions is much better, but if you can’t afford it or find one where you live, maybe look into purchasing one of these sets.


    I hear the point.

    However, one also has to consider that those who give the courses need to make a parnosa. We don’t have a system where rabonim, teachers, etc. get paid a wage by the community at large (think terumos and ma’aseros for Kohanim and Levi’im, as an example). So the rabonim, teachers, etc. speak, write seforim, etc. and make a parnosa from that. Hence the cost.

    am yisrael chai

    The Jewish Marriage Education (JME) offers such classes in many countries, mostly for free.

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