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    Any tips about to take a regent


    If you don’t know the answer its better to leave it blank this way when they fill it in for you it will look less suspicious.

    Reb Eliezer

    They say the opposite. Guess and don’t leave it blank. If you can’t decide on a final answer, take an educated guess or try a new strategy. Whatever you do: do NOT leave any question blank on your Regents exam. You do not lose credits for a wrong answer, so it’s much better to just guess instead of leaving something blank.


    Get the answer key beforehand.


    If you are doing multiple choice and don’t know the answer don’t do just guess any of them. First eliminate the wrong answers, then guess


    Randomly guess answers and if you don’t do well blame it on Antisemitism.


    As UJM advised, when in doubt, cheat. It has apparently worked well for him so perhaps a winning strategy if your long-term objective is to grow up to become a troll on frum social media.



    Is that how you succeeded in becoming a self-taught nuclear physicist and semiconductor engineer, at least in your own mind?


    Good luck!!
    I was a high school teacher, who taught and prepared students for regents for many years.
    1- study as many old regents as possible
    2-do the questions you know first- many times you’ll find info to help you answer the questions you don’t know.
    2- try not to leave anything blank
    3- don’t cheat- the 1 student that I had that cheated got a zero
    Relax and take your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I woke up from my mid-afternoon nap very well rested only to find myself chuckling while trying to drink my tea with crumb cake when reading our two in-house “godols” getting all bent out of shape over their lack of a sense of humor (or humour, for those on the other side of the pond.) Of course the second comment in this thread (that is the first after the OP, for those lacking a primary education), effectively making the same drollery. (crack open your dictionary) — and doing it before myself, resulted in no such umbrage, reprimand or chastisement.

    Nothing to do with an inferiority complex, certainly.


    Reb Yoef: You obviously woke up too early and arehaving a difficult time distinguishing sarcasm from reality, other than your own. Its been a long while since I took the NYS regents exams and don’t recall how easily it was back then to access a cheat sheet but I’m certain your resourcefulness would have overcome the barrier. I do recall that for the SATs, there was a network of bochurim who spoke with their non-frum contacts motzi shabbos who had taken the exams on Saturdays and were generous in sharing their collective knowledge to their chavrusah who were taking the exam on Sunday.

    Reb Eliezer

    amom, I like your answer the best.


    I wonder why someone who lies with such alacrity would refer to them as any sort of gadol.


    Fill in ALL the bubbles on the scantron. That way you will definitely get the right answer.
    Guaranteed 100!!



    On a serious note, the incidents of cheating among students in Yeshivos is relatively rare and isolated. The majority of these cases, as reported in the media, are among computer savy public school students who get access to exams which have been distributed to some schools prior to the test date. Even then its more difficult since the sequencing of questions is frequently changed and some entirely new items dropped in.
    Over the longer term, these standardized exams are being used less frequently, especially those like the SAT, LSAT etc. which historically were a primary tool for college and grad school admissions. Other tests like the Regents exams which are designed to measure proficiency in certain subject areas for advancement or graduation will probably continue, but even those are being refocused in the name of “equity”.


    @ubiquitin this is a perfect example of
    כל המוסיף גורע
    Or in English,
    To add is to subtract

    Really, this kind of test is a good application of בל תוסיף ובל תגרע
    You shouldn’t skip a single answer, since even if you guess there’s a chance of getting credit (but if you leave it blank you m for sure don’t get any credit).

    But don’t fill in two answers to the same question, did your guaranteed not to get credit (but if you filled in one bubble you might get something).


    The regent questions repeat year to year with different numbers. So the absolute best thing to do, is to get both Barron’s books, go through the old regents, and make sure you can do the problems no matter what the numbers or words are. If you keep getting tripped up on the same stuff, read those chapters a few times. Not everything in the Barrons books are in the regents, so don’t try to read them cover to cover.


    Here is excellent advice. You will thanks me.
    # 1 Study old regents and go over every wrong answer and understand why it was wrong. REPEAT until you are not getting many wrong.
    # 2 If you do not know the answer – eliminate all that are for sure wrong and take your best guess.
    #3 After that – if you have questions that you stll have absolutely no idea – choose the same letter (lets say C for all of those) Statistically you will get at least 25 % right whereas if you guess randomly you will get almost all wrong.
    #4 Do not leave anything blank.
    #5 Do not give in the test early under any circumstances. Spend all the time you have and review, review, review all the answers


    excellent posts above on approaching multiple-choice. I would suggest do online tests that help you determine what areas you need to work on. I am not sure about Regents, but Khan Academy has SATs and similar tests with such diagnostics.

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