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    Sam Klein


    Let’s all stop living in denial and FACE REALITY we all know that in today’s generation that we are living of golus we are about to start the new year in less then 48 hours with the new Rosh Hashanah Yom tov starting the new year number changing over to the new year. And if we were REALLY living in today’s generation that Nissan was the first month like it says directly in the Torah then:
    a)the new year would start from 1 Nissan changing over to the new year and not 6 months later.
    b)then Hashem would have made all the tragedies relating to the first time when Klal yisroel cried on Tisha b’av in the desert and Hashem said your crying now…… I will make this day become a day of crying and mourning tragedies…….. And instead the counting would start from Nissan.

    But we know the real truth which comes DIRECTLY FROM HASHEM and not from any sefer or gadol hador speaking and neither is it from me a Internet businessman writer but actually DIRECTLY FROM HASHEM is the only true answer.

    May we all finally wake ourselves up from living in denial and instead do the opposite of showing Hashem our loving father oyr Yearning and searching for the coming of Mashiach already together with serious Teshuva and Achdus ASAP so Hashem can send Mashiach already bkarov.

    I wish everyone in the YWN coffee room and all of klal yisroel a ksiva vachasima tova ahead with only Happiness and May Mashiach come already bkarov.


    I love letzanus as muc has the next person, (maybe not so much Erev Rosh Hashana)
    But even when trying to be funny, you have to be careful that tyour posts don’t enter kefira territory

    “Nissan was the first month like it says directly in the Torah then:..”

    what do you mean “was”? the Tiorah never changes R”l. Nissan was and is the first month. This has nothing to with when the year starts.

    “a)the new year would start from 1 Nissan changing over to the new year and not 6 months ”

    This is incorrect. Look at the gemara in the begining of Rosh Hashana the gemara goes different Rosh hashanas. “Hachodesh Harishion” Is Nissan period. IT doesnt change depedning on wehther you are talking about new year for Kings, baal teacher etc.

    I’ll give you a mashal if you find this confusing. Throughout the country schools recently began. It is the beginning of the school year. Yet when teachers wrote the date today they wrote 9/14. does that mean its the 9th month of the school year? Of course not. The first month of the school year is September the ninth month. Just becasue a new year starts doesnt mean the month count resets. They don’t label September 14th as 1/14 becasue it is the first month of the school year. The counting of months and the start of a year have notign to do with each other

    L’havdil soon we begin a new year. The new year begins with Tishrei the 7th month, “Hachodesh hashevii” as we will be laining in maftir on R”H, Y”K and throughout sukkos


    Sam, the Mishna says that there are 4 different Roshei Shanim. Nisan is one of them, and it is used for counting the months, as it says straight in the pasuk. Tishrei is when the world was created, so as far counting the age of the world, we go from there.
    Saying DIRECTLY FROM HASHEM all in caps all the time doesn’t make your argument any more convincing – if anything, it leads me to think you’re just not entirely rational. In modern times, the only things we have which are clearly directly from Hashem are the words of the Torah. Nevuah is long gone. The messages we receive from Hashem now are done indirectly – it’s up to us to see them.
    Yes, 9/11 was a message from Hashem, but it had nothing to do with any numbers or anything like that. If it was meant to be connected to Tisha b’Av, it would have occurred on Tisha b’Av.

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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