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    If you are learning with mesiras nefesh and are thinking about stopping full time learning and working part time does it make sense to stop learning for the sake of making money? Hashem is going to reward you for stopping to work? Like learning less will lead to more parnasa? Perhaps we should rely on a nes and just continue learning anyway. Obviously, for someone who can’t sit and learn anyway because he cant handle it this will not work.


    If you’re posting on an online forum instead of learning I’d say U should wrk full time and support those that really wana learn. That way you’re still getting zchar for Torah learning.


    yes i am talking about people who learn full time. not myself. but someone could also try to work part time and learn part time, or perhaps not? i am kohen anyway, so i don’t really need to learn as much since i get kedushas kehuna, hence the name.


    Sorry to disappoint the Gemara flat out says ein soimchin al hanes. There are real reasons to stay in learning though- maybe figure them out before you decide!


    If you got a part-time job and continued learning, perhaps you will be rewarded for following the teachings of Chazal (Avos 2:2).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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