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    1) It is very difficult to report because the party who made the error is a huge bureaucratic outfit that probably will not know what I am talking about when I report it.

    2) The amounts are very low, lower than what it would cost them in getting an override to reverse their program and charge me for what should be charged for.

    3) The entity has caused me agmas nefesh in the past (actually not in the past but right now) that caused me far more of a loss than the little error they made in my favor.

    I guess I am mechuyav to report it if I ever figure out how (I have a week anyway because I’ll only know it is an error at the end of the month).

    Or am I mechuyav, especially as I just about know that they will never correct the error (I actually called them all the way from Ukraine when it happened the last time and unless the amount is just too small for me to have noticed, it never was taken back from me) and that my report will land in a dead email box.

    minyan gal

    I would say to check your account again next month and if the error has not been reversed just put this small amount in your tzedakah box and forget about it.


    Call them, tell them once, and forget it. If they fix it wonderful. It’s in their ballpark now; you informed that and tat’s all you need to do.


    I actually once had this issue, and the result was they debited me TWICE – once when I called it to their attention, and the second time, when someone else caught the mistake just before the person I reported it to took care of it. SO I had to go through the process of reporting it AGAIN, to ensure that I got back ONE of the debits.

    Next time,just send them a check, with the amount, if you are really concerned. Most often, they will catch the error on their own.


    I already told them once; I’ll monitor it until the end of the calendar year and see what happens.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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