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    I’m going to come out and say it: Republicans are way cooler than Democrats. Democrats are about as in vogue as bush was when he choked on a pretzel.

    Hate to say it but if you openly admit you are a Democrat you honestly deserve all the shame and derision you get. I feel sorry for all the older establishment Democrats that have no idea how much their own party hates them.

    I’m looking forward to many victories in the future, I’m very excited to see Bannon smoke these purple haired losers.

    Reb Eliezer

    The same applies to the Republicans where President Reagan would be considered a RINO (Republican in name only) now.


    What if you are of the opinion that both Republicans and Democrats are self-serving narcissistic goyim that don’t give two hoots about you and yours but will do and say anything to get you to believe they do in order to retain popularity and power?


    At the last election, I tried to register as a Democratic Republican, but they told me I came too late.


    > where President Reagan would be considered a RINO

    true, but also any Federalist would be a Republican by now. What would Hamilton say seeing federal government allocating funds to fix bridges in Arizona? A dream come true or will he eat his hat?


    Bannon, who was just charged with criminal contempt of congress, is going to jail.

    There are many other republican traitors who are going to be in the same boat as him.

    I can’t wait and see all the Trump sycophants, who helped organize the January 6th attack on the capital and put Trump above the laws of the US in trying to overturn an election for him , in the same situation.

    But sure , the republicans are the cool ones.


    Yseribus: True. But the Republicans are, 99% of the time, the lesser of the two evils.


    Jack Is exactly the kind of triggered person I’m talking about.

    I bet you still watch Rachel Maddie lie through her teeth every night, and force yourself to believe it.


    @ujm I question your metrics. I think it’s more like 65% of the time. And a good 50% of the time there’s no better of the two.

    Shimon Nodel

    Wait, meth heads are cool now?


    The best way to look good (“cool” if you prefer) is to hand out with someone bad (“uncool”). That probably explains why the politicians tend to hang out with each other. Normal, rational people could look much better if they hung out with the politicians, but they are too busy working and raising families, and probably couldn’t stand the odor.

    yaakov doe

    Is life long conservative Republican Liz Chaney still cool today after being voted out by the Wyoming Republican State Committee today?


    I think b’nei torah are cool and look forward to Mashiach and Olam Habah so perhaps I’m a tad behind on the times. I suppose I’ll have to live with being ‘uncool.’

    Shimon Nodel

    Apparently my comment was too offensive towards Republicans. Are Republicans a protected minority?

    no, it was actually too offensive to me. I don’t always have the patience for your choice of adjectives and nouns. 


    Oh Jackk, -“Bannon, who was just charged with criminal contempt of congress, is going to jail.”

    How in the world do you know that?
    You must Not believe in the Constitution.
    Did you ever hear of a Right to a Trial by a Jury of your peers?!?
    Unless you DemonCrats know the Endgame – if we let you DemonCrats rule this country.
    I think you’re saying if we don’t Stop you DemonCrats – we’ll be Worse than Commy Russia or Nazi Germany!
    This is why the DemonCrats are trying to remove Legal Gun ownership.
    We know your game and it won’t Work!


    Republicans are cool now, Democrats are, like, square? I am changing my party registration ASAP. Nothing is more important than being cool.


    Cool or not thats not the point you sound like a child

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