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    Pew Research, January 2017

    “In the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, who do you sympathize with more? (%)”

    All Americans:
    Israel – 51%
    Palestinians – 19%
    Neither – 19%

    Sympathize more with Israel, by party

    Republicans – 74%
    Independents – 50%
    Democrats – 33%

    Nearly three-quarters of Republicans (74%) say they sympathize more with Israel than the Palestinians; just 11% sympathize more with the Palestinians, while 15% say they sympathize with neither side, both sides or do not offer a view.

    Democrats are divided – 33% sympathize more with Israel, 31% more with the Palestinians, while 35% sympathize with neither, both or don’t express an opinion. While Republicans’ views of the Mideast conflict have changed little over the last few years, the share of Democrats sympathizing more with Israel has fallen 10 points since April 2016, when 43% said they sympathized more with Israel.

    A partisan gap is seen in other attitudes about the Mideast conflict as well: Most Democrats (60%) say a way can be found for Israel and an independent Palestinian state to peacefully co-exist. Republicans are much more skeptical: 44% say a peaceful two state solution is possible, while 49% say it is not. And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to be popular with Republicans – and unpopular with Democrats. Half of Republicans and Republican leaners have a favorable impression of Netanyahu, compared with 22% who have an unfavorable view (28% do not offer an opinion). Among Democrats and Democratic leaners, opinions are nearly the reverse: 21% view Netanyahu favorably, while 45% have an unfavorable opinion and 34% do not express a view.


    I guess that makes Joseph a Democrat.


    In the last 10 years or so,the so called Democratic party has been taken over and hijacked by extreme America hating leftist and one world government socialists and communists and Jew and Israel haters


    Republicans like religion, include our’s. Democrats think that people like us are deplorables who cling to religion.

    If the “frum” Democrats were to “cross the aisle”, it would seriously revitalize the Republican party in New York, and might influence many other “deplorables” to switch as well.


    Akuperma_____________ Right on.

    Remember the Dem convention 6 years ago when they booed G-D & Jerusalem.
    So from the ” A mentch tracht und Gutt lacht” files, Jerusalem has been declared as the Jewish capital
    and the Veep proclaimed the Shehecheyanu in the Land. Hashem’s hand in Jewish history is evermore being seen by those who want to see.
    Interesting commentary I read : The Golden Calf was half heifer, half donkey.
    So it’s time our brothers understand the symbolism of dancing with the DONKEY.
    I haven’t heard anything negative about the ELEPHANT.
    Have you?


    “I haven’t heard anything negative about the ELEPHANT. Have you?”

    Right and as The passuk describes Moshiach “Ani verochev al hapil”

    and of course Yissochar symbolizing Lomdei torah is reffered to as “Yissochar pil goremrovetz bein hamishpatayim”

    Though nothing positive is ever said about the donkey.

    whats the source that the Golden calf was half donkey btw?


    The donkey represents Andrew Jackson, who was known to be a donkey and originated the symbol. One of the donkey’s worshipers is Donald Trump.


    “….whats the source that the Golden calf was half donkey btw?….”
    I’ll have to check again, but to my recollection, it’s a Rabbeinu Bachaye in Parshas Ki Sisa.


    …. I’m pretty certain I saw it brought down in R’ Bachaya but maybe not in Ki Siso.

    In the meantime, I found this :
    The divine kabbalist, the Rama of Pano, presents a tremendous chiddush in Asarah Maamarot concerning the shape and image of the eigel. The source for his chiddush is the Tikunei Zohar (Tikun Sheini 5, 142a). The Rama of Pano writes: “אמרו עליו באגדה, שמחציו כלפי ראשו היה כתבנית שור אוכל
    עשב, וכלפי זנבו היה חמור, והן שתי מדות בקליפה… ועל כלאים זה אמרו אלה אלהיך
    ישראל”. They stated in the Aggadah that its upper half, toward its
    head, resembled an ox, eating grass; its lower half, toward its tail, resembled a donkey. These represent two elements of the klipah . . .


    “……Right and as The passuk describes Moshiach “Ani verochev al hapil…..”

    Why are you defending the donkey all of a sudden?
    Donkey could be used for good and for Avodah Zara… WHICH IT WAS….


    “Why are you defending the donkey all of a sudden?”

    Because I dont like blatantly selecting mamarei chazal to fit your narrative. I ‘m not saying it is always wrong, but when it is so blatant, I find it demeaning of the person doing it, the audience and of chazal.

    thanks for the source


    “I dont like blatantly selecting mamarei chazal to fit your narrative”
    Define blatant, please. When is a selected meimar not blatant? …
    What part of my narrative bugs you?
    Don’t be disingenuous .


    I don’t believe you. There’s something I wrote that got your goat, and now you’re wrapping yourself in sanctimonious righteousness. You preach in anger and you’re not telling why. Be a little more blatant.


    Actually, the donkey is superior to all other non-kosher animals. It’s the only one for which their is pidyon bechor.


    Blatantly is a adverb, not an adjective


    “Define blatant, please”

    “completely obvious, conspicuous”
    From Webster’s

    “When is a selected meimar not blatant? …”
    when I have to search more than a few seconds to find an opposing maamar. IF it takes a second to come up with a few pessukim that lead to the obvious opposite conclusion then you are being blatantly (adjective from of blatant see definition above) dishonest
    Unless of course you meant it as a joke. In which case: Ha!

    “I don’t believe you.”


    Neo-conservatives are not conservative, they are right wing, just neo-liberals are not
    Liberal, but left wing they are both imposters. Trump is the first president in my lifetime that has not been positing UN rhetoric, and proposing it as US policy against Israel, while giving lip service to Israel in hopes of getting the Jewish vote.
    Do your research on the individual candidates, and don’t vote exclusively along party lines. A president that supports the UN, is a president that is vying for the destruction of Israel, no matter what party he is from.


    LOL,when the Democrats ran John Kerry against George Bush, I swore I would never vote Democrat or Republican ever again. I don’t vote for candidates that are part of a secret society that is directly linked to Hitler’s Nazi Party.
    Trump is a wild card. I am really starting to think he is different. If he really moves the capital to Jerusalem, I promise I will vote Republican next time around.
    He just made a move to pull over 20 billion dollars from the UN Euro-fascists…
    We shall see


    Why does having equal sympathies mean someone doesn’t support Israel? And what does it mean to support Israel, to bow down and worship the government? Does the world have to approve of everything Israel does?

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