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    Shulem Lemmer

    Personally my ideals for this country is, a country which allows safety nets for those that hard work to be truly rewarded. in order to maximize that, you need more taxes and more regulations. Also the government should be focused on these 2 principles. Security and Safety nets for low or no income families and individuals. I would like to see the government spend tax money on minimum security and maximum safety net programs (so that you have a universal roof over your head, education, food and healthcare but only at a necessary maximum so that you live your life to the fullest)

    The end game thats aimed with these universal principles is for a safe and prosperous country with a high quality of life.

    This ideology to reach that end game, just so happens to be very much in line with the Liberal Democrat Ideology so therefore I choose to vote for that party!

    Republicans and Conservatives, do you disagree with that end game and you just happen to think there is a different route? Or do have an alternative to that idea.

    Ive only heard liberal ideas my whole life pretty much, but I like to keep an open mind. Please explain your desired end game and what your universal principles are (keep it short and to the point) and how those principles will deliver to your end game.

    Thank you, (please excuse my bad grammar and vocabulary)


    For the primary issues it is False
    Either There is a Right And Wrong
    And that obligates all of us
    or there isn’t
    And then they make it up to suit

    For example

    Capital punishment for murderers
    is wrong
    Killing elderly patients is Okay


    Would love to, if u were being serious


    Neither party has a real solution so far. There is a real need for certain social programs, but there are definitely some people who are working low-paying jobs instead of taking jobs that pay slightly more because they would lose programs so they can’t afford to be paid more. That is economic nonsense.


    Because the other party is a cancer on the world


    Assuming you are serious
    We ( Jewish Republicans and conservatives) feel no obligation to explain ourselves. That’s because liberal ideology is the antithesis to Jewish principals.
    The destructive social issues are blatantly obvious. But even the economic principles are wrong.
    Our religion doesn’t recognize high taxes as a good thing rather as a form of enslavement ( see the meforshim by Yosef imposing 20% tax on the mitryim)

    ☕️coffee addict

    We believe in emes not having the underdog cheat

    You work for your money you can keep it you don’t work you can except charity but t it shouldn’t be forced on people to give


    While we agree
    It is less generally simple for Economics

    held it was forbidden to make profits from $
    therefore the private Banking system is absolutely wrong

    “It’s a way to keep our money here as opposed to holding it in these large Wall Street banks that we pay egregious interest and financial fees to,” Kayvan Khalatbari, a mayoral candidate in Denver, told Westword. “This is not a new idea, these exist all over the world. Germany is fueled by public banks, and look, they have the best economy in Europe.”
    One already exists in America, and it has been thriving for nearly a century.

    The Bank of North Dakota, founded in 1919, was created out of economic uncertainty: Farmers, concerned that large grain traders and banks based outside the state threatened their economic sovereignty, saw a public bank as a means to protect themselves from exorbitantly high interest rates that put their farms at financial risk.

    They also held it was inappropriate to make too much from real estate ,and hold in perpetuity
    hence Yovel

    They also held Kalba Savua and his friends accountable since they were so rich they should have given away far more than the regular ,
    since secular rarely do so ( vouched by local accountant)
    the Gov’t needs to step in and Enforce ( though there should be more leeway for the where the sums go

    Reb Eliezer

    mentsch1 – Your Republican principles are, don’t give charity because he will not try to find work and help himself, if he really needs it, let others do it. If you give charity, better be a big tax deduction. Just help yourself and don’t care about others.


    Time for truth
    I am actually not a fan of Wall Street , I would make radical changes to the market system.
    The banking system should have upper limits on interest rates. And there should be upper limits on tax rates. Whether that number should be 20%or higher is up for discussion, but notice how Democrats never want to say how much is too much.
    As for “chazal” that you quoted. Isn’t it fair to say that chazal actually recognized the need for interest to motivate lending hence the creation by chazal of the heter iska?


    Factually you are incorrect. Republicans donate more then democrats. Which should be obvious since in general republicans are more religious and donating to charity is more of a religious value then a secular one.
    We all remember the great charitable giving of underwear by our former President.
    Just this week Deblasio , the great redistributing socialist, made the news bc he gave a whopping $350 in 2017.
    Besides the hypocrisy, I’m willing to bet that even the donations made by democrats are heavily skewed toward “charities” that are laughable in the eyes of anyone with morals.

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