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    The News hit me hard in the stomach on Friday afternoon, even though it was with deep suspicion that we believed that there would be no survivors after hearing many hours of explosions and gunfire, but nevertheless, the sight of little moshele being carried out the house crying just broke me.

    I lit the shabbos candles crying for the families, the yesomim, the kedoshim, and most of all hugged my own kinderlech who were laughing and playing and b”h oblivious to the destruction and the crazy world out there.

    As I prayed to Hashem to bring a quick nechama to the families who lost loved ones I kept reminding myself that it could have been me, it could have been you, these terrorists were indiscriminate and to even begin to imagine how they snuffed out those lives without probably even flickering an eyelash is to painful to contemplate.

    I, like many mothers out there, would love to hug that little moshele and promise that from hereon everything will be ok, but I cannot. I would love to comfort the wives of the kedoshim killed there, but I cannot, I am distant from everyone, but hurting so bad as if I were closeby.

    We all feel like we lost dear and close family, our brothers, our sisters, this is too painful Hashem Yerachem.

    Sometimes I feel I am going crazy thinking about little else since the news transpired and taking it so deep within the recesses of my heart. I am wondering if this is shared by others out there as well.

    May the families of all the kedoshim be comforted by the mourners of zion – AMEN


    “We all feel like we lost dear and close family, our brothers, our sisters, this is too painful Hashem Yerachem.”

    You state it so well – that is exactly how I feel.


    Wow, you expressed your emotions so beautifully. I too am heartbroken, and have been existing robot-like since Wed night, and especially since Friday. The pictures speak louder than a million words, to see little Moshe’le, who became “OUR little moshe’le”, to see his dear parents- an eidel, sweet, smiling couple, to see the other kedoshim, made this all so much more painful, more poignant, more heart-wrenching. May Ha-Shem comfort all of us, we are all suffering greatly, and especially be menachem the families of all these kedoshim.


    I had to spend shabbos in the hospital this week and the nearest shul was a local Chabad House. When they started Mussaf the Shaliach had everyone read Av Harachamim in english. What can I say, havent had such a real experiance in long time. There wasnt a dry eye.

    At the kiddush they went around the table and everyone took upon themselves positive Kabalos.

    As i read the various posts and comments, together with the pictures. I started feeling very small. If we look objectively, Hashkafos and backgrounds put aside (momenteraly, of course) these people were really doing what they believed.

    They lost a sick child and then had another one who is in Eretz Yisrael, they overcame a state of %100 rightful self-pity and continued on to India. They kept strong. They kept on going. Happily.

    He would shecht, she would Kasher. He went to prisons, she cooked forever. Cholov Yisrael didn’t exist and they only got milk flown in periodicaly when frum people brought some with them. He was a mohel, officiated at chassunas, and prepared and delivered shiurim. She would fly in by plane monthly to Mik, untill he built one HIMSELF. She nursed the many food poisened backpackers, and spoke words of emunah to those not yet faithfull. I imagine dealing with israeli backpackers and spiritual seekers takes a full time psyche. They were that too. They overlooked their own views (or maybe that WAS their view; to find the nekuda tova in all) to accept and make feel at home each and every yid. Litvish, Frei, Satmar, Bobov, Backpackers, Indian, Mexican, Israeli and everyone else you can’t imagine.

    Hashem put us down here to accomplish. So when we witness Productivity and energy, it strikes a chord by all of of us. Now this positive energy and the energy from the mashgichim, who were positive accomplishing people, is hidden. It is our achrais to invigorate ourselves with their Koach; to give of ourselves to other yidden. To help the downtrodden near us, be it the lonely child, the bocher not succeeding in yeshiva, the lonely single, or the not yet tuned into Hashem.

    When we will emulate them, their energy will live on… And so will ours…

    link to reports from people who stayed by the Holtzbergs


    What I find the most horrible and cannot grasp is the fact that there are human beings who are so low as to kill innocent people for absolutely no reason! Are there actually people who are born with a natural thirst for blood?


    intelligent..these were not human beings…’v’hu yiyah pereh adam’ call these species that can dance on the streets after 3000 people were slaughtered , tearing soldiers limb to limb when they made a wrong turn, human beings?


    We are all heartbroken and cry together b’lev echad k’ish echad. May we soon rejoice together with the coming of Mashiach.


    mountain educator-

    my thoughts exactly. may all the families of the kedoshim have a nechama and may we merit to greet these special people with the coming of moshiach.



    Problem is that the rest of the world considers them human and thinks they deserve rights and consideration as all humans do, but they don’t. The are animals. (But then again, there are some people in this corrupt world who think that dangerous animals deserve more rights than humans…)

    It’s really sad and unimaginable how these people were alive and well and the next second killed by bloodthirsty people. It should be a Kappara and bring Mashiach already!


    This is a song that was written and recorded in memory of the Kedoshim.

    Very inspirational.

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