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    observanteen, I think a lot of bachurim assume they deserve kavod, when they in no way qualify over a regular human being. Usually, when someone demands kavod (except when they are in a position of authority that they need to maintain and ther exceptions), they are usually the last person you should be giving it to.

    FAD UP

    the only yeshiva students which are not respected is the one which dont deerve it, the one who deserve it who learnes in is a fine bucher usually gets it!!!


    SJS: You’ve got a point. We’re not talking about a specific individual, though (as far as I’m concerned). We’re discussing bnei Torah in general.


    As a man is supposed to respect his wife more than he does himself (I presume that includes rabbonim also), it would make sense that they can and should do such mundane tasks as take out the garbage. I had this discussion once with my own Rov many years ago (from an entirely different discussion point), and he told me he takes out the garbage. I said, “REALLY, Rebbie!!??? But you are the Rov of the shul!” To which he replied, “Yes, but in my house I am the husband of my Rebbetzin.”

    My basic rule is, whoever is able and available to do it at the moment when it needs to be done, should do it. No one should stand on ceremony. we all make the garbage, so we are all responsible for getting rid of it.


    “Wolf: thats why my name is kavod hatorah and yours is not i listen to my rebbe unlike you who if you disagree you just do what you want.

    and that rav who takes out his garbage maybe his wife cant do it for whatever reason.”

    I think this post itself shows a lack of kavod for humans. And no, if there is a yeshiva bochur who says something like this to another person, then I will not respect him! I’m sorry if I’m wrong but I think this comment is really bordering on outright chutzpa!


    Kavod? HaTorah – are you really a reincarnation of someone we knew and loved? Did you somehow get a new IP address?

    I recollect it being stated somewhere that he who pursues kavod, kavod flees from him, and he who flees from kavod, kavod pursues him.

    So if you’re looking for kavod that badly, where are you going to end up?


    observanteen? Then why aren’t they respected? I respect them the same way I respect others.


    Did we fall for it AGAIN?

    kavod hatorah

    Observateen got it right i just meant that there are things that bachurim should not do that others do!!!


    “observanteen? Then why aren’t they respected? I respect them the same way I respect others.”

    Dunno. Guess this is what this thread is all about.


    “At the same time, the Chofetz Chaim himself was seen shoveling snow out of the walkway of his Yeshiva’s beis medrash so that his students could have a safe walk. If the Chofetz Chaim himself could do chores and the honor of the Torah was still upheld, then how could the Torah’s honor be affected by a Yeshiva student doing chores? On the contrary, it shows kavod to the Torah because the student shows kavod to his parents and/or his wife, both critical Torah values”


    And I read, that grandson of Chofetz Chaim was also helping his wife around the house, while he was learning in kollel

    From another hand, Rebbetzin Kaminezki ( Rav Shmuel’s wife) has a strong opinion, that Jewish woman should not cleaning her house, she suppose to have a cleaning lady. I heard this from Rebbetzin. So, I assume all working people should work a little bit harder to pay for cleaning ladies in their homes and for kollel men’s homes

Viewing 11 posts - 101 through 111 (of 111 total)
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