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    rational jew

    could someone please explain what is wrong with congressman nadlers defence of his vote for the iran deal?

    A few points:

    He does not support the deal just the alternative may be worse. Even if the congress overturn obamas veto the rest of the world may uphold the deal and remove sanctions anyway. the billions will go to iran regardless of his vote. the damage is done.

    many security experts including heads of mossad support the deal.

    If this is really dangerous for israel why dont they just bomb iran? Obviously the danger is not imminent even though theyre theoretically 3 months away from a bomb.

    Perhaps sanctions can only delay a bomb but iran will be no different to north korea it will not stop them.

    A war in ten years is better than one now because israeli and american security is progressing much faster than russia and iran. It will probably be much more successful and by then more advanced bunker busters, israeli drones and the israeli iron beam that can zap any iranian missiles with a laser beam will be ready.


    1. America’s decision could influence other countries.

    2. “Why doesn’t Israel just bomb Iran?” Are you out of your freakin mind??

    3. “3 months away from a bomb”–more like a few years.

    4. “Perhaps sanctions can only delay a bomb but iran will be no different to north korea it will not stop them.” YWN CR has a rule requiring posting posts which resemble English.


    His point was that North Korea got the bomb while under heavy sanctions.

    rational jew

    SDD:1.maybe, unlikely.

    2. My point is if this deal is letting them off the hook and they could get a bomb within a year Israel should bomb them. Why take a risk they will become nuclear behind our back? This will not lead to a holocaust rather a bombing raid. This could also be a litmus test if this was a good enough deal – if Iran are bombed within a year. (Or we see a mushroom cloud over an Iranian testing site – highly unlikely.) Remember bombing them only sets them back 5 years so a 5 year delay is worth it if thats all we can expect.

    3. Does anyone really know? For that matter does anyone really know the consequences of this deal? Besides security experts many who support it including from the mossad. Israeli politicians only reflect the opinions of their voters. I’m not for or against just don’t have enough information.

    4. Sanctions brought them to the table but not to negotiate totally abandoning nukes, just a delay. Billions of dollars to Iran might be worth that delay. This is better for both sides like a ceasefire. If US would’ve insisted on stricter terms they may have done what North Korea did.

    Still, I don’t know. If someone has convincing arguments against I want to hear. I lean very much to the right so that is my natural position.

    Letakein Girl

    RJ, please google the phrase “what’s wrong with the Iran deal.” You will find hundred of articles detailing the way that the Obama administration misled the public on their policies with regard to Iran, and is now blindly trusting them on so many different issues. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

    You say that Israel should allow Iran to gain nuclear power, and then come in and destroy it. RJ, please research the concept of nuclear power, because this question makes it seem like you are unaware of its magnitude. Even if Israel decides to bomb Iran, which due to many factors it probably won’t, what makes you think that Iran will peacefully wait for Israel to do so? The minute they gain nuclear power, they will aim their weapons at Israel and possibly even the USA, and they will fire. In their minds, their afterlife will be most magnificent after doing so!


    [my personal opinion] The only way to stop the Theocratic regime of Iran, is a credible threat of war if they don’t their stop nuclear arms program.


    the bigger problem are the side deals that we are now hearing about.

    could you imagine if the health department let me inspect my own restaurant, and just foward them the results? me they wont trust that the kugel isnt spoiled, but the iranians they will trust when it comes to their nuclear program.


    To Letakein Girl: There is a serious flaw in your methodology. You can google any idea and find several million items that support the idea.

    For example, please google the phrase “how Jews control the world’s money.” You will find over 3 million articles detailing the way that the you and I and the editors of YWN, and lots of other Jews, mislead the public about monetary affairs and control the world’s money. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

    rational jew

    Ive read a few articles and still have not been convinced that this deal is not good enough. This is definitely not the best deal to put it mildly and Nadler and many democrats agree. Obama is a weak president letting Putin do what he wants and gave in many times unnecessarily. This may be why Agudath Yisroel is so against it they are protesting Obama taking advantage of the fact that he can make a bad deal that is still good enough. However the problems may not be worth rejecting this deal altogether if the rest of the world especially Russia and China upholds it. And as long as every republican rejects it the next president has a chance to modify the US position. Nadler is a dem.

    As for your second point you misunderstood me. I never said Israel should wait till after they are nuclear. I said if this deal was so bad with ridiculous inspections etc and we cant be certain that Iran wont develop a bomb within a year Israel should bomb them NOW or as soon as Obama’s veto is upheld. If they do not this means Nadler was correct in assuming this deal will not lead to a holocaust, and will delay a bomb for at least 5 years when a war may be inevitable. That is why the mossad supports it. Could someone explain the mossad otherwise? They may be corrupt but a nuclear Iran is risking a holocaust!


    Before committing to any position, a member of Congress should speak to his constitutents. He represents them and should vote according to the majority of those people. Instead, what we have hear is loyalty to Obama. How can anyone read what Iran is saying now about how it will support global terrorism even more now after the deal thanks to the billions it will receive as part of the deal and still support the deal? Nadler must go in the next election, as should all those who vote contrary to the will of the people they represent, which at last survey was 2 to 1 against the deal.

    rational jew

    I want to make a point that will not be made on the official level. The US and Israel seem to currently have a policy of divide and conquer Western enemies. This is why they are rumored to be supporting Syrian rebels and even Isis in various ways. This weakens Assad, Hezbollah , Iran and indirectly Hamas. Possibly they feel that the Sunni alliance is getting too strong and is beginning to threaten Israel and American interests. This deal is restoring balance. Is this policy working? Currently, it is estimated that the war in Syria will continue for at least 10 years. It is dangerous and risky but at present we can only celebrate the number of our enemies being killed daily with little risk to Israeli or US soldiers. As they say, we wish success to both sides!

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