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    I prepared my professional resume, but im not sure its worthy of the big four…in college there was a dept that reviewed it, but as i am not planning on stepping foot back on campus i need someone to review it and give me tips and pointers…any ideas??? all the websites seem to just give examples but thats not much help because they all seem to vary…


    thats because there’s no strict set of rules regarding any type of resume.(for a job/shidduch) You want it to look official and respectable, but i’ve seen all types, i would say copy one of those examples you saw that you liked best


    resume is a perosnal thing. There are orgainzations such as PCS that might be able to help you. You have to like and be comfortable with what you see on your resume. Perhaps you should go on campus. if you spent a few years there and it is that important – why not?????

    Perhaps a friend who is working can help you. I have reviewed many resumes for various friends over the years


    I’ve helped a few friends with resumes in the past, and wouldn’t mind offering some critiques on yours. What type of field are you aiming to go into, and do you have any internship or previous work experience?


    thanks, i work in an accting firm but i wanna work for one of the big four so i need a super awesome resume but something that stands out from all the rest….any ideas?!!


    how about rating some of your attributes, compared with the world, and then putting it in a spreadsheet, with a chart and a graph (in color) graphing out the formulas, like experience with customers, experience with IRS, ability to negotiate, spreadsheet expertise, efiling capabilities, grades on exams…..

    how about taking some letters of reference and shrinking them into a collage on one sheet, so that you can add a lot of references without too many sheets of paper.

    Good Luck!


    I greatly disagree with seeallsides. You want to show the big 4 that you are extremely professional, and while those ideas are creative, they are not the most professional.

    Some tips:

    1. Don’t use a template you find online and just fill it out. They can tell, and it looks silly.

    2. Use very strong adjectives and verbs to describe your tasks and responsibilities

    3. Explain your roles quantitatively. For example, “managed team of 6”, “responsible for 4 reports, including ___”, etc.

    4. Prepare a cover letter explaining why you are fit for the position. Make sure that this is not a generic cover letter, and that it shows why you are specifically interested in THEIR company and how you would be a great asset to them.

    Hope this helps.


    I agree with yeshivawonderer. Keep it very professional looking.


    Its going to take more than a well worded resume to impress the ‘Big Four’. Accomplishments. Get your CPA first, and then play around w your resume.

    P.S. If you know someone who works at PwC its not that hard to get your foot in the door.


    Unless you have a long track record, keep your resume to 1 page.

    I reject a lot of resumes because they are long, drawn out and have little substance. No one cares if you were a dog walker at age 12.


    If you want to work for the big 4 find someone who works there and is willing to go to bat for you. STAY AWAY FROM HEADHUNTERS. the best review of your resume will be to send it to others in acocunting for review. If you can find some contacts who are managers and above, even better. You don’t need a knockout resume if you have someone inside that can get you an interview above the initial HR gate keeper. It’s more about contacts than the paper.


    Looking at your question and the replies here the best advice you and any job seeker can follow is to seek professional advice and disregard the comments you get from well meaning but unknowlegable people.



    perrynewmancpc is correct. Post any question in the CR, no matter what professional degree (e.g. JD, MD) is needed for an informed response and people will not hesitate to tell you what they know, based on what they heard in the kolel. 🙂

    OP, if you are looking for a job, I pray your cover letter and resume writing skills are vastly superior to what you write here. That being said, you might very well not need to pay a personal visit to your college’s career services department and could conceivably deal with them by phone or email. I can assure you this is the norm when it comes to law school or alumni would have to come from all around the country. Why not call them and ask?

    Good luck!


    thanks for all the advice….i actually asked my accounting friends in a different coffee room….suprisingly they are a lot nicer and more helpful but we wont go there…

    being stressed, overwhelmed and multitasking are my things, i was born loving it as crazy as that may sound, but thanks for the advice sac, thats actually how i got my current job, its not about what u know its who u know….i guess ill be adding more people on linkedin 🙂


    people should be picked on merits not on pull

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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