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    Blue Monday

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a out of town affordable community.

    I came across Rhawnhurst Philadelphia.

    Anyone has any kind of information on this place?

    The community, jobs, houses, crime, school, food, etc.

    Thank you.


    Is there a frum community there?


    I have friends who live there and I have spent Shabbosos there. It is also referred to as the Northeast. Yes, there is a frum community there with at least two major Orthodox shuls (one more yeshivish, more like Young Israel) and at least one shtieble. Kosher food is available in the major supermarkets but many people go to Lakewood for better selection and prices. The neighborhood is a mix, mostly lower-class whites and some minorities, and there are not a lot of choices of schools. Younger people and those who can afford it move to suburbs such as Elkins Park, but real estate from what I understand is still pretty affordable. Best to contact the rav of the Ahavas Torah shul, who can give you more insights.

    Blue Monday

    Yes! A big orthodox community.


    Is Rawnhurst near sight of last nite’s tragic Amtrak crash?

    I was on the tragic Metro North crash on December 1, 2013 A.K.A. Revi’i Shel Chanukah 5774, and I had been hoping that trains going too fast around sharp bends would have been a thing of the past, and am now traumatized to see, that it is not, and that the new technology which had been mandated after that tragedy, was not implemented in time to avert last nite’s deadly tragedy.


    Information about this community can be found on Google and Facebook – look for JCOR (Jewish Community of Rhawnhurst).


    Rhawnhurst is a nice community but there are not to many families who have children living in the community. The school is a good school as day schools go and it is run by a pretty right hanhala although it is a mixed crowd. Many of the kids in the school come from ohter communities about 20-30 minutes away from the school. If you have specific questions..


    147 – Do you live in America as well?!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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