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    How are there (Baruch Hashem) so many rich Chasidim? This is quite evident if you ever take a walk in Boro Park or other Chasidic neighborhoods, where house after house, block after block, are very expensive homes, cars, etc. Baruch Hashem for all that and may they continue to bask in riches! They certainly give lots and lots of Tzedakah, fund massive and numerous Chesed projects, and do wonderful amounts of Gemilas Chasadim. I wish them much success in all their future endeavors in both ruchniyos and gashmiyos.

    But the only reason I even ask this question is because, by and large, Chasidim do not go to college. Many even skip entirely or have a very abbreviated secular High School education. A large percentage don’t even know English very fluently! (And I have no problem with that.) Yet, despite all these what to the ordinary eye would seem like financial handicaps in life, the Chasidim are not evidently financially poorer than there Litvish or Modern counterparts. Indeed, they may even be overall wealthier! How do they accomplish this without college or even high school?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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