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    Sam Friedman from FTX stole money from people to fund Democrats. Where’s the silence?


    So what, most of the 1% class support the Democrats. You have to go back a generation to find a period where the wealthy tended to vote Republican. The Republicans tend to be the party of the working class (a.k.a. the “deplorables” as the Democrats call them). Are you coming out in favor of a change in the law to ban rich people from donating to political parties, and to replace it with the government funding all campaigns, limited of course to those with socially acceptable views (a change the WOKE Democrats favor).

    The closest thing to “rigging” was that in the Republican primaries, the Democrats funded candidates supported by Donald Trump, knowing that those candidates were likely to lose in the general election.


    Let me be first.
    All הלכות of לשון הרע apply, so here is the silence:


    Show us reliable and unbiased proof of this.


    Gezeila/Sheva Mitzvos/Chilul Hashem/Dor Hamabul are definitely issues we should shout about.


    The reason I feel the election in some districts was rigged this time is because I find it hard to believe that Americans are so stupid that despite feeling the country is going in the wrong direction, rising crime, the border crisis, inflation, they elect the same party of people who have yet to deal with these issues. Or maybe Americans really are the dumbest voters.


    Ever since covid hit. The Democrats took full advantage of mail in voting and states with loose laws were able to milk the system.

    Sam Klein

    Welcome to the corrupt generation we are living in today all over the world R”L. Officially it’s supposed to be only the politicians as the famous saying goes “there’s no such thing as an honest politician ” but sadly now we all know what they say about living in America….. It’s called living in Sedom.

    Hope we remove ourselves from living around dishonesty and corruption and bring ourselves back to Hashem with serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP to be deserving of Hashem sending Mashiach already bkarov. But first we need to show Hashem wholeheartedly directly from our hearts how serious we feel in doing Teshuva together as one loving nation like we all did in the story of Purim.


    Who cares?
    In 1972 Sarah Rxxxxx, the comptroller of my father’s corporation embezzled more than $3,ooo,oooo (a lot of money back then) and contributed it to the Nixon Presidential campaign. That doesn’t mean it was a rigged election.
    I resent your false accusations. I am an Asst. Registrar of Voters and this November 8th was the 50 year I worked as an election official. We put in an 18 hour day and every D working is paired with an R of the same position to make sure nothing is rigged. Or polls close at 8 PM. We were off 9 votes. the R asst Registrar and I working under direct supervision of the UNAFILIATED Moderator (the official in charge of the polling location) required 2 hours to find the arithmetic mistakes that had been made in the checkers’ books and account for spoiled ballots and two that could not be machine read. Only after balancing cold we drive together in one car with the tabulator machines to Town Hall where he Registrars put them under lock and key. Yesterday I sent three hours in a recount of another polling location where the election had a margin of 11 votes. After examining every ballot, running them through the tabulator machines and explaining why three absentee ballots could not be counted (they were in inner envelopes that the voter had not signed or sealed. as required by law), the final count was a majority of 1 vote. There was no miscount on Election Day, but a ballot rejected by the machine for an overcount (more than one candidate with markings in a column) was examined by the Registrars of both parties to see if voter intent could be established. The voter had blackened a circle, realized it was for the wrong candidate, put an X through it and blackened a second circle. The voter wrote on the ballot that the X was to invalidate the mistaken vote. Machines can’t read and count these markings, but in a recount every ballot is hand examined and if both Registrars can agree on intent the vote is counted. The voter should have handed the ballot with the error to a ballot clerk, it would have been marked spoiled, but into a sealed bag and a fresh ballot handed to a voter. At my polling location there were more than three thousand in person votes cast and only 21 spoiled ballots.
    You and the election deniers need t stop making false accusations of voter fraud and impugning the reputation of the many thousands of dedicated election officials in the USA.
    Every POLL WORKER swears (or affirms) a Constitutional Oath regarding their position and is subject to Federal Criminal prosecution if they misbehave.

    Donating stolen funds to any campaign does not mean the election was rigged


    A. It’s not the 70s
    B. It’s a form of rigging



    As usual you cannot refute facts and make a nonsensical reply.
    Donating money to a candidate is NOT a form of rigging.
    If it were, no donations to candidates would be legal.

    Too bad if one candidate attracts more than another, that reflects in the candidate’s appeal or organization not rigging.

    Here in CT we have a People’s Election Program. A candidate can raise a stated amount in small contributions from a required minimum number if donors in the district and qualify for public funding of the campaign. A candidate for state rep need only raise about 7k to qualify. On most districts both candidates qualify and have the exact same amount of money for the campaign.
    Even statewide candidates can qualify for funding. The multimillionaires who ran for governor chose not to participate so they could spend as much as they want. A participant running for state senate gets about $100k for the campaign which is plenty.


    Ctlawyer, thanks for your description.
    I think we need a big effort to make people more assured in the integrity of elections. It is what we call moris ayn issue. Even if people can not prove that there was fraud, the sudden changes in how elections are run – such as expanded voting by mail, with limited supervision naturally creates the appearance of problems. My kid read the rules before going to his first vote and it said, black on white, that first time voters need to bring ID. So, he brought it – and was surprised that he was not asked. Now, he is going to read the right-wing blogs – and have reasons to believe them.


    Here’s the rub
    This was a Federal Election Year. Federal requirements state that a first time voter who did not register in person (maybe in line or by mail) must present picture proof of identity when voting the first time. Thus what you’d child read.
    Those memes have an asterisk in the voter check I. Books.
    BUT, how elections are conducted is left to the individual states. In CT (where I am an asst. Registrar of Voters). We require all voters to present a picture ID. If they don’t have one or don’t wish to present one, they have to fill out an affidavit subject to perjury charges. The exception is those with the asterisk. No picture IF no ballot issued.
    Other states handle it differently. The Feds made the rule but have no authority to enter the polls and enforce it.

    In CT, no one can enter the polling station except the sworn poll workers, voters, accompanying voters’ children less than 16 years old and helpers such as a health aide. The health aide can assist the voter to the booth, but the. Must leave during actual voting, the R and D asst Registrars together can assist the person. With voting. The two Registrars together can go out to a car to assist a mobility restricted voter with a ballot. This year we had two such voters in our district.
    Having been a poll worker for 50 years in three municipalities I can say that voter fraud (for in person voting) is extremely rare.


    CTL, my kid read the rules issued by our state. So, now he might take fraud claims by either Americans, or Russians and Chinese trolls as possible, despite all your good efforts. So, I think you should be the first to advocate for more stringent ID rules, reduction in mail vote, etc – so that integrity of elections is not questioned. Yes, you may lose some stray D- votes from people who misplaced their ID or who were helped by neighbors to fill out the ballot, but you should put the good of the country in having trust in elections before minor partisan advantage. At the end, if your party will have to gain votes from people with IDs, it will be better for everyone.

    Amil Zola

    AAQ help me out here. Because there was a variance in your local elections practice (within the law) your child will choose to listen to read and believe right wing blogs. I don’t quite understand the thought process. It’s your child so perhaps you do and you can explain it.


    Amil, I am explaining what people see: the printed instructions clearly say that new voters need to show ID. Then, they are not asked for an ID. I do not know why. Maybe Sec of State instructions do not correspond to the law. So, now this first time voter understands that anyone can come in and sign up. Would it be better if everyone would have to show an ID and people will keep faith in election integrity?

    Note something that did not exist earlier: any little doubt can now be exploited by online trolls. whether paid by parties or foreign. So, the system needs to be clear and verifiable beyond any doubt.

    Amil Zola

    AAQ, it seems you’ve ignored CTL’s real life explanation. Why not offer that up as a possible explanation to your child or better yet, call your local registrar of voters to ask for clarification? FWIW I’ve got no dog in this fight and have been voting by mail for decades.


    This is not about the kid. It is to illustrate how lax the rules often are and how millions of people perceive it. . For a good reason, we are a country with generally educated population. But current confusion deserves making it stricter so that there will be no doubt.


    I would not be looking for more stringent ID rules. CT already requires a picture ID. Only twice in the past ten years have I had a voter refuse t show ID and fill out the affidavit instead.
    CT is one of only 4 states NOT to allow early voting and has only 6 exceptions for absentee ballots. I vote absentee as I do not work in my own district’s polling location. Assigning poll workers, asst Registrars and moderators to poll locations out of their districts reduces the appearance of possible fraud.
    This year CT had one question on the ballot: To allow early voting. It passed with more than 60% of the vote. I was in favor of it, as it will increase voter participation.
    Your child should ake a complaint to the Registrar of Voters in your municipality and your Secretary of State. giving his name, the fact he was a first time voter, the poll location and time he voted and that he was not asked for the ID.
    It will be investigated.
    That said: I have not read the voting instructions for your state. The fact that it said he had to bring a picture proof of ID, does not mean the same thing as he will be asked to produce it before being allowed to vote. Some poll locations may only ask every so many voters or if there is a challenge.
    We ask every voter in our town and train our poll workers to do so, even if the voter is a member of their immediate family.
    Our Town’s chief exec is the First Selectman, she was asked for her Drivers License.
    For the record, the ID is handed to a checker who compares picture and person, checks address and asks the person to state there name and address aloud to be checked off in the book by the checker of the other party at that table.

    I would hope your son is not so gullible to believe the conspiracy theorists.

    This year the Republicans ran an Election Denier for Secretary of State in CT. he lost in a landslide, voters resented his lack of faith in ability to run a fair and accurate election and were not bout to put him in charge of future elections.

    Lastly, when it comes to running elections, our party affiliations are left outside the polls. It is about honesty, integrity and accuracy. I do not attend any of the candidate’s or party’s events after the polls close. After an 18 hour day I want to go home and rest my feet and voice. I greeted and spoke to more than 3000 voters on election day, resolved problems and made sure with the other asst Registrar and Moderator that we accounted for every ballot.

    BTW, In CT, Moderators must take a course and pass an exam. After that they can work as moderator in any municipality in the state. Our town tries to hire moderators who do not live in town to avoid any appearance of monkey business. I cannot say that for every town. We also rotate polling locations for workers each year. We have 7 locations, plus Same day registration and voting at Town Hall. I had not worked at the location I was at this year since 2014.


    so CT is doing well here, I understand that is what is lacking in other places. There might be also an issue of what counts as ID. Preferably, something that verifies citizenship. And similar procedures for mail voting.

    Amil Zola

    AAQ it now appears that you are judging that there is a laxity of enforcing voting rules/polling place rules in your child’s voting district. That may be true, and you can find this out by having a complaint filed. That doesn’t mean every precinct is rigging elections.

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