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    s-h mum

    I am trying to find out the phone number for Rimon kosher internet.

    I would also appreciate it if someone who uses Rimon can let me know if they are happy with the service.



    800 222 234 (*8900)

    You need to keep the filtering level high to really be effective, but if you do – and you can be phone – it’s almost full proof. I find Shamur2 (filtration level) excellent, and I may switch to Etrog soon (the super charedi edition). (not totally full proof, because all you need to bypass would a pw & username from another service, so make sure you have a computer based filter as well, such as K9 or netnanny or webchaver. Oh, and get a keystroke recorder as well. Chamirah Sakanta MIsurah).



    Moq, fool proof, not full proof.


    i tried(free trial) rimon a long time ago and i was not happy because it lacked proper coverage of english language sites. great for the hebrew site surfer though. dont take my word for it first. i use CE (web chaver) and am very happy

    tomim tihye

    SZ: Cheerful spirit, not foolish spirit (like mine, right now).


    Are there any Jewish, English language filter/accountability programs out there? I’m using an accountability software for the mac that is marketed heavily toward x-tianity, I wouldn’t mind switching if something was available.



    contact ‘Guard Your Eyes’ thy have all the info on web filters….and much more.

    good luck

    am yisrael chai

    “fool proof, not full proof”

    Give Moq a break, obviously was thinking of BaalhaBooze…


    for Monitoring check out: ‘webchaver’, ‘safe eyes’ , ‘yishmoreini’

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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