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    Does somebody know from what age person can be legally hired? If teenager is under the age, camp owner can pay whatever he wants, because the teenager (with parents permission) and the owner braking the law. In this case you can’t tell camp owner what is the minimum wages s/b. Minimum wages – for legal employee.

    I’m working for a big corporation and our corporate office not allowed to hire anybody under age 18 for temporary summer job, no matter what kind of position it is. Very possible, for camp employees law can be different.

    d a

    notrichenough: I don’t know the legal age a child can start working, however, there is something called “Working Papers”. There are two different Working Papers.

    1: Nonfactory Employment Certificate

    Valid for Lawful Employment of a Minor 14 or 15 Years of Age

    Enrolled in Day School When Attendance Is Not Required (Blue card)

    2: Student General Employment Certificate

    Valid for Lawful Employment of a Minor 15 or 16 Years of Age

    Enrolled in Day School When Attendance Is Not Required (Green card)

    These cards can be obtained from your child’s school office after proof of a number of things.


    k well guess what the camp i attend you have to pay to work. then if ur lucky ur campers might tip you. so your lucky.

    d a

    okthen, sleep away or day camp?

    It seems like sleep aways charge (especially for JC jobs). But, day camps (like the big ones) pay decently.

    And as Hashem Is Everywhere said above, “But the truth is, I’m not going to camp to make big bucks, i have somewhat of a good time, and there’s no use in complaining.” I agree wholeheartedly with that. When I get my Youth Corp Debit Card, I give it to my parents and they put the money away (for me ). I am a counsler because I want to give 17 little kids a good time!

    Here is what I said on the “jobs for teen boys during the summer” thread:

    “Counselor, co-counselor, junior counselor. A great experience and lots of fun. Get onto Youth Corp (pronounced Youth Core) and make sure he is doing it to have a good time with his campers, not just to kill a summer”

    and that doesn’t mean playing on a PSP, GameBoy, Phone, or listening to music while watching your bunk. Those guys who come to camp equipped with their babyish toys are wasting there time and there campers time. I think it is totally wrong. I watch bunks having no one to lead them cause their counselor and/or junior counselor is sitting in the corner playing some stupid game. You are getting paid TO GIVE YOUR CAMPERS A GOOD TIME.

    Everyone complains that they don’t get tipped. Did you give your campers everything you got? Boruch Hashem, I got tipped from every campers (except two). I tried to give each camper what he needed. I am not saying I was the best counselor, but I think (and hope) that I did a good job. And with Hashem’s help, I want to do it again!

    Hatzlacha in what ever you do!


    da: thank you. I was not born in US, so I’m learning about America and Americans.


    Health: I am not joking at all. Why are you quoting the going rate? You should be paying your employees a fair price. I don’t know how you can demonize business owners when you are doing the same thing. You pay your babysitter $4 an hour while you gallivant on the town. You pay some poor lady $6 an hour to scrub your toilets while you take it easy. I’d like to see you work for $6 an hour. I’ll hire you. Remember, this is not about economics, it’s about doing the right thing.

    d a

    notrichenough, I hope I didn’t say anything wrong :)!


    da, not at all. I’m really keep learning from everything and everyone.


    Popa- You don’t see a difference between a babysitter doing an easy job for $4/hr and a counsellor doing a very hard job at $2/hr!? Also, I’m not making any money for myself when I pay these people these prices -I just might be saving some money. The owners are making a lot of money on someone else’s cheshbon!


    Can I ask asome different questions, for the sake of argument?

    Are these camps trying to make money or are they non-profit, or raising money for a yeshiva/seminary/etc?

    Second, does a boy/girl in high school NEED to have a job? Why are you doing this, just so you’re “not bored”? What are you doing with the money you earn, buying clothes? Do you give to tzedakah from it?

    Third, doesn’t being a camp counselor during the summer, helping nuture the yiddishkeit of kinderlach, look better for shidduchim than being a cleaning lady, just for the money?

    Finally, maybe we should look at the message the parents of these young people are giving. Are parents communicating the tremendous ahavas Yisroel of spending the summer influencing kinderlach, who may look back and remember their camp counselors, especially the ones that really made a difference, for the rest of their lives?

    Just asking.


    Coney Island hospital is accepting volunteers for the summer months, contact the volunteer office at 718 616-3000, ask to be connected to the volunteer office.Good luck!!


    ppl keep in mind the camp usually charges x amount for a summer lets say 3k, they look at the fact they don’t charge the counselor as paying them 3k because they gave them room or board.

    I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, side there are always 2 sides to look at things.

    and as i said before this is simple business 101 supply and demand, as long as ppl are running to work for 5/hr or even free that’s what they’ll get paid.

    if every bus driver said they won’t work for less then 100/hr and the city can’t find a replacement for less, guess what the bus driver will be getting paid???


    d a sleep away camp u pay for and don’t get any money back here. the day camp you pay for certain jobs and get a third of the money back. its crazy

    d a

    okthen: “you pay for certain jobs” Which jobs to you pay for in day camps?


    When I looked at this thread title, I had thought it was about actually being ripped off as in what happened to me which was that the one time I ever worked in a summer camp, they never paid me what they had promised.

    I had also known nothing about camps never having been in one before that and did not know that those working there had to fight each other for rooms stay in or at least

    be the first there to get one.

    Silly me I had thought that they would have made sure there was a place for everyone they hired.

    I also had not known that people who worked there were so obnoxious, like the one who was in charge of tools and did not want to allow me to use any to put a door on the

    room I finally found for myself, even though he had more then one, and no one was using any of them.

    Or like the other one who worked in the canteen and went out of his way to insult

    everyone he served.

    Or the other one who ran the kitchen who loved to yell at and bully everyone else.

    This guy couldn’t run his own crew properly and he blamed everyone else for his failings (Note; I did not work in the kitchen, thank G-d, I just observed how this guy acted, both in the kitchen and in general).

    Well…….That is why my first time in any summer camp, was my last.

    d a

    hereorthere, I don’t know. Some people don’t know how to act in a social environment. In the camp I work in, there are some people like that, unfortunately, however the majority of the staff members are good guys and easy to get along with.


    I mentioned ResHab- and someone else gave a few numbers. The agency that i did reshab through was

    Ohel Bais Ezra

    718 686 3458

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