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    The following story was told at a ‘Shabbos Hagodol’ drosho (a week after the incident took place) over 30 years ago in Canada. It just seems so relevant for this time of year so I would like to share it. It was told in greater detail, but I’ll shorten it;

    A frum, middle aged man boarded a bus in Jerusalem and seated himself near a window. After a few stops, a young lady in her 20s, dressed in very modern attire, took the aisle seat next to him. She seemed very jittery and after a few minutes, she asked him for the time. He politley answered her and continued reading his journal. A few minutes later, she anxioulsy requested that he tell her what time it was again. This peculiar nagging persisted for quite a while. After asking him about 5 or 6 times , he sternly demanded an explanation. She responded with the following story:

    ‘I was raised in a very strict orthodox home. But my parents died young and I was then adopted by family. Somehow I strayed from my religion, working with irreligious Jews, attending anti frum meetings etc. Anyways, recently I met a lovely young man who is really someone I look up to. He is kind and gentle and very clever. The only problem is, he isnt Jewish. Whatever the case, we are engaged to be married soon. Last nite, my late mother came to me in a dream and begged me to call off the wedding. She tried to convince me how wrong it was to marry out of my faith. But I argued with her and insisted that the wedding goes on. Very distressed, she accepted it, but requested to have one last meeting with me before I make this commitment. As eerie as this sounds, I would like to respect her wishes as she insisted that I meet her at EXACTLY 1:15 AT THE CENTRAL STATION IN JERUSALEM. So I just want to make sure I will be on time’.

    After listening to this chilling story, the man gave her his full co operation. Up until two minutes before 1:15, the young lady pressed him for the time. When the moment arrived, the gentleman was curious to know the outcome of this story. So he watched her as she rushed across the street to her designated meeting place , while a truck drove by and hit her, causing her untimely death.

    Apparantly, she had the meeting with her mother in the Olam Haemes where there will be NO marriage between her and this non Jewish man.

    Struck but what he saw, the man who witnessed this incident, related the story to a famous Rav who REPEATED the story to his Kehilla.

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