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    If was a deer heading to my sleeping grounds, and you hit me on the highway at seventy miles an hour, I would be kind of upset at you.


    If I was driving along the highway, minding my own business, and you recklessly jumped right in front of me, putting me in danger, I would be kind of upset at you.


    Middos are prerequisite for Torah, whether on 2 legs or on 4 wheels.
    People tend not to show same courtesy to a piece of metal that they do to face, especially if the face has a hat or a sheitel. And nobody know what you are. So, maybe if you need to know someone middos, say for shidduch or business purposes, try to follow behind in a car or step on the road in front of them.


    Discussion over???

    ☕️coffee addict

    It never really started


    Aaq is making a very good point; people tend to think of cars as non humans. The same psychology applies to texting; people don’t realize that they’re communicating with another person, and will say things that they never would say on a phone call or in person. That’s why gedolim ruled that young people are totally forbidden to text.


    Agree that the same applies to text & online discussions.

    I tried to teach my kids that when there is a complication in a discussion, it is better to pick up the phone and talk it over to smooth differences, but they retorted that calling someone when text is expected is simply rude in their world – you are imposing your timeline on the other person, rather than letting him respond when he feels like that. By extension, goes to many other interactions in business world, where people make decisions about admissions/shidduchim/war targets based on what it currently says on their screen.

    In all of the interactions, just try imagining the human being at the other side of the car window/internet connection/gun barrel

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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