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    Last night I got a robo call from a mosdos asking for money at 12:45 am and another at 2:38 am, I just got three robo calls about the NYC election and I never lived in NYC, this is getting out of hand


    That is crazy, to get such late night phone calls.

    I don’t even pick up my home phone anymore, as most of the calls are robo calls.

    I also got calls AND texts urging me to go vote in NYC elections when I don’t even live in NYC. Someone from a particular moisdes put me on the because the text said it’s coming from a particular moisdes. I find this an invasion of privacy and totally not mensclich. I don’t want to be on anyone’s list.

    Amil Zola

    Are you talking about your landline or a cell? I’ve got a cell and get a spammy text here and there but I just block the number.


    Short of mesira, what would it take to get the moisdois responsible for this to face consequences?



    Mesira is not an issue. Non-profits, political polls, organizations, candidates and any company you have ever done business with are exempt from the No Call List provisions of the law.
    90% of the true SPAM calls are being placed from outside the USA, they use false caller ID numbers that are computer generated and our government has no enforcement powers.
    Today I created a conference call and let the car warranty guy talk to the fake Social Security enforcement agent.


    If it’s your landline phone, here’s an old idea that still may work: hook up an old-fashioned manual fax machine to the line, set to answer after 2-3 rings, make sure there’s no paper in it, and ignore the phone for a few days (or longer). The robocall software recognizes that it reached a fax, and drops your number from its internal list. This has worked for me in the past

    ☕️coffee addict

    “Today I created a conference call and let the car warranty guy talk to the fake Social Security enforcement agent.“

    My father in law messes with the warranty and social security people by not giving a number in his “social security” or “credit card” and makes up a fake name


    I mess with the credit card guys by responding after they ask, do you want to lower your interest rate? I say, I want to know if there will be peace with India and Pakistan.


    I am generally opposed to the death penalty, but I have an open mind if it were applied to robo callers.


    information now is accumulated, used, and sold. I am getting calls from some Jewish place saying whether I want to match what I paid last year. So, places you give to may expose you to additional fundraising. A friend of mine once gave generously to a visitor. Next week, someone else knocked on the door and was offended by the offered amount.

    Same way works for recent ransomware attacks – companies that pay out are immediately attacked again as they become known as good targets.

    This may be a new interpretation of the goodness of giving in secret – you do not get on the list.

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