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    Thank you Mr. Psych, but to give credit where credit is due, “Hey Rebbe, Rebbe” was written by Moshe Brown.


    In this week’s FJJ, the Rock says that when he was a kid he thought that Al Yashkuni Zaydim (one of the pesukim said before tikiyas shofar on Rosh Hashana) means: My Zaidy shouldn’t kiss me! Hahahahahahaha. Loololool

    I almost choked on my soup! I love you Zayidim Rocky!

    P.S. Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha


    The actual line was “don’t kiss your grandfather,” but thanks, anyway. 🙂


    The actual line was “don’t kiss your grandfather,” but thanks, anyway. 🙂

    But the actual translation SHOULD be Zaydies (more than one) should not kiss me… 🙂


    hey rocky, as (unofficial) king of the fjj letters to the editor section, you usualy pen a letter about a subject that lasts for a while. so now that i see its starting again, i was wondering why you never weighed in on the hospice care issue that was being dissected in your pages


    Truth be told until it was brought up in the FJJ I was totally

    unaware that there were Halachic ramifications involved in hospice care. B”H my siblings and I were never put in a situation where we had to consider it as an option. Long story short, I stayed out of it for two reaons. First, because I didnt feel I had anything of particular significance to contribute to the conversation (yeah, I know; that never stopped me before), and second because it was obviously an issue that stirred deep passions in people who had been there and since I have a tendency to be a bit acid-tongued occasionally (in case you hadn’t noticed), I thought that rather than hurt someone’s feelings needlessly, it would be better if I just stayed out of it entirely.


    I have a tendency to be a bit acid-tongued occasionally (in case you hadn’t noticed)”

    What??? YOU?????? Nah, not EVER….


    Yeah, on second thought, you’re right. What was I thinking??


    You went after that heavy spender with such vitriol – you actually sounded jealous.

    Rock, there are two sides to the coin (yes, coins always have two sides, no apostrophes) On the one hand (coins do not have hands, I’m learning your humor…) the guy could have spent it on shmura matzah, artScrolls, maos chittim or at pomegranate.

    On the other hand, he has the money, and he could do what he wants with it. I also wonder what he was thinking…he didn’t expect folks improperly dressed at a resort? But the big but here is that its his money.

    And guess what, its the same thrown out money when someone spends like that on a lexus, bmw, porsche etc. Just get a stinkin’ camry and get off your high horse! Or when someone unloads a couple million on a mansion on Long Island or wherever….in the next world he will regret not using his money for things that count….but hes got the dough so do whatever you want.

    At least the guy has the seichel to regret it. Not everyone is that smart. He did tshuva in public!! Don’t beat up on a man that says he regrets it! That’s onoas divarim! He did public Tshuva! People don’t get it. Rock, you shouldn’t have beat up on a man that’s down. He said it and he knows it and you just rubbed it in. Sorry for being harsh, I learn from the best…

    My 3 cents (just about all i have)



    I have no comment.


    Why? Because it’s so pashut to you that I am wrong, or you hear my point?


    No, because I’m soooo tired of being criticized all the time. I don’t know you and you seem like a nice person, but if you don’t like my letters, kol hakavod…by all means please go and write some yourself.



    Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Look, you have stated openly in your letters that you look for letters to “attack”. Obviously, its done in good humor, with perhaps a little bit of true feelings from time to time, but its criticizing that you do best.

    So please explain why you won’t comment on what I wrote because “I’m soooo tired of being criticized all the time..”

    I’m sorry but your comment in senseless. IF you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. If you want to write letters taking apart other peoples letters, often critically, be my guest. But don’t then complain and say your tired when others criticize your letters. It just doesn’t make sense.


    Why does every1 go mad over y&p wat about going soo mad over gedolim


    But don’t then complain and say your tired when others criticize your letters.

    You spelled the first “your” wrong. It should be Y-O-U-‘-R-E. No need to thank me.


    Why does every1 go mad over y&p wat about going soo mad over gedolim

    …You mean I’m not a gadol? 🙁


    Thank you for pointing out the missing E. I must thank you for that.

    You should have put my sentence in quotes, since you were quoting me. No need to thank me.

    Anyway, my point stands. You can’t attack attack attack and then spin around and moan about how you are so sick of people criticizing you. I love your letters. But if you dish it out, you gotta be man enough to handle some backlash.


    “You can’t attack attack attack and then spin around and moan about how you are so sick of people criticizing you.”

    Yes, I can.


    no, you can’t.


    Sure I can. In fact, I did!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Do you two know each other?


    Big deal. Anyone can do that.


    No, they can’t.


    Yes, they can (I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore)!


    Better that way


    Because those people are getting only one attack at a time.


    Rock, please act your age, not your shoe size. The discussion is about what is right and wrong, not what one can or can not do. From reading your letters it’s clear that it bothers you when wrong things occur (extravagant vacationing, not greeting others on shabbos, bad spelling etc.)

    P.S. I like how your shoes looked on Shabbos. Very spiffy.


    Thank you. What size were they?


    I did not see you duchaning or doing chalitzah (B”H) so i couldn’t get a read on the interior of your shoe.

    But from the way you reply to arguments here, your shoe size sure seems older than your age. The point is not that your feet are mega large, its that your logical arguments are fit for someone in the low single digits.

    your proud master,

    Happy Snappy


    Somoe people are better off acting their shoe sizes.


    How old was his shoe size?


    Am I in the process of losing a fan?


    My shoe size is only a couple of years old because my feet think they need to be bigger.


    If you mean me, I am a fan no matter what. Your stuff is too good. I just got snappy because you don’t take well to constructive feedback.

    I also use an electric fan from time to time if that helps. You know, a fan.

    Snappy but happy


    Okay, so here’s the thing. When I criticize someone in the FJJ, he generally gets criticized just once. I, on the other hand, get criticized ALL THE TIME, and I don’t mean in the paper. I mean on the street and in Bagel Hole and in Shul and now in the Coffee Room. I get people who think I was too rough on someone or not rough enough or should have written about something else or should just shut up altogether. I get it all the time! Now granted, I also get a lot of folks who like my letters and tell me how much they add to their Shabbosim, and that is indeed quite gratifying. But many of the critics (present company excluded, of course!) come across as petty and petulant and jealous and mean. It’s very annoying, but I guess it’s the price I have to pay for being your humble servant.


    Nice piece this week! I also liked the fact that you apologies for that other article. One reason I love your stuff is that you are so open and straight up. I never read stuff quite like yours. Why don’t you give out your social in the FJJ once your at it? LOL. May there be more like you in Israel, Amen.

    But I gotta say this. You are getting criticized all the time by many people. But each person is one attack. So its really the same as your one attack in the paper. Also, one attack in the paper is thousands of attacks not one. Because its read by thousands of people (RMBM writes to this effect).

    I would hate getting attacked and I get your position, but A) it comes with the territory and B)its not like you don’t attack in a wide circular… and finally c) please find me someone who is successful and has no critics. Very hard to find. Especially if that person’s claim to fame is critical writing. You gotta be able to handle the backlash.

    Count me as one of the guys who likes your letters. Most of the time.


    Whatever you say. 🙂


    I will echo what happysnappy said. You had a really on the mark letter this past week (as I think you do most of the time, if people are bothering to understand what you are actually saying), and showed a lot of class with your apology barabim. Most people are unable to bring themselves to apologize PRIVATELY to someone, much less in a widely-read paper. (I still feel the other gentleman’s letter would probably have been better left unsent, to begin with).


    Thanks, but I must take issue with you on another, unrelated subject: with all due respect, my MOTHER a”h was unequivocally the Best Bubby Ever, hands down (you can be the first runner up). 🙂


    PS When it comes to apologizing, unfortunately I’ve had a lot of practice!


    Rocky wait till you see the letter I wrote I totally fried you. It may print next week bec. I sent it today.




    Did you live up to your CR name? Can’t wait.


    my MOTHER a”h was unequivocally the Best Bubby Ever, hands down (you can be the first runner up). 🙂

    I will gladly take first runner up; it’s still pretty good. However, my kids and my aineklach may have to ask you to step outside… 🙂


    Okay, since my mom is no longer around to bribe your aineklach with her world famous chocolate chip cookies, I will have to cry uncle. 🙂


    I will have to cry uncle. 🙂 “

    This was just TOO easy! 🙂 (I make incredible chocolate chip cookies, too, btw)


    Can we get the world-famous chocolate chip cookie recipe that Rocky’s mother, a”h used to bake and the incredible chocolate chip cookie recipe of OOMIS?


    So here’s the story: Since my mom a”h was niftar, my daughter, my nephew and a few of my nieces have tried to make cookies using her recipe. They are NOT the same.


    They are NOT the same. “

    And that is because there is an element in cooking and baking that cannot account for the “feel” for it that the original cook has. My Bubby O”H made unbelievable challah. I made it with her sometimes, and knew exactly how she made it and did mine the same way. My challah came out delicious, but it was NEVER the same as hers.


    @oomis – My grandparents, of blessed memory, did a ton of cooking and baking during their lifetimes. I think the secret ingredient that made everything they prepared taste so amazingly delicious was their unconditional, grandparently love. I guess it’s an ingredient a chef acquires with time and generations (literally). 🙂

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