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    does anyone know any mussar books about the role of a mother in a Jewish home?


    Just being in the home is a great first step.


    from the sage, Sheldon Harnick:

    Who must know the way to make a proper home

    A quiet home, a kosher home?

    Who must raise a family and run the home

    So papa’s free to read the holy books?

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    So popa’s (sic) free to read the holy books?


    To the original posters: may I suggest you edit it to hashkafa rather than mussar?

    There was a LOT written in the 80s – JO, Jewish Women’s Outlook, an Artscroll anthology called From Hearth to Home or something like that (culled from the 80s, mostly) – that just seems so quaint and precious now. Younger women I’ve talked to aren’t getting the same messages their mothers did in school, about the ideal of being home, how we should feel as privileged as the cohanim who cleaned the BHM”K, etc., or if they’re hearing it not necessarily in a way to internalize it and feel good about it.

    Not knocking the books, just saying that tapes/CDs may do much more since I don’t know what you could find written in the last ten years.

    Not exactly what you want but the Our Lives series was nice.


    There are excellent shiurim given by Rebbetzin Basya Cohen in Lakewood and Deal, and by her mother Rebbetzin Brog in Brooklyn.

    I can give you the Lakewood information if you’re interested, the NY info I can find out

    The Buzz

    If you really want a full perspective you should look into parenting classes.

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