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    My daughter is flying from Israel to Newark on Air Alitalia, with a two hour layover in the Rome airport. Has anyone been there? Is it easy to get from one terminal to another if she needs to do so? Are there signs in English? Are the people generally helpful? Thanks for your help.


    I’ve been to many airports in the world, the worst experience I’ve had was in Rome, I just don’t remember which airport in Rome, but was very confusing and very unhelpful, it took us forever to find our way.

    Tzvi Hirsh

    make sure she does not travel on friday, sometimes there are delays and people are stranded because of shabbos. she should have a contact in italy just in case ex. chabad

    she should not shop or go sight seeing at airport, but go directly to her next flight. sometimes due to delays there is not a lot of time between flights. Ask only the airline staff on the plane what to do to get to her flight and which terminal it is in. She should not ask non staff personnel since they dont understand english well or will give the wrong information

    just ask that her luggage to checked through all the way to israel and make sure she gets her luggage tickets and put it in a safe place

    check online or by phone the luggage number allowed and weight and size for both checked in and carry on luggage, over weight luggage can be a big expense

    also make sure she has kosher food ordered and then confirm it at least 36 hours before. i advise she takes some sandwitches and fruit etc. just in case they did not provide or that there is a delay in connecting flights

    best if someone is meeting her at the israel airport. if not Nesher shared taxi right outside the terminal door is the best way to jerusalem. she should have israel currency if possible or us currency- one 10 bill and a 5 bill and 5 singles. she should ask the dispatcher what the cost is and not to pay extra for 2 pieces of luggage and carry on

    you might want to order a cell phone online to be picked up at the arrival terminal


    not all restuarants are kosher or meet your standard. you should be able to print out the symbols online


    been there many times its no problem to get over to a different terminal and yes some sighns are in english and she can always ask people. just hope the alitalia doesnt delay her luggage


    best if someone is meeting her at the israel airport.

    She’s traveling from Israel to Newark. We live in Israel.

    Thanks to everyone for the replies. The kosher food was ordered and checked, but she’s got plenty in her carry on if she needs.


    “she’s got plenty in her carry on if she needs”

    Be careful that it is only dry food, not even a paste-like food. Just last week I had my peanut butter confiscated at by Heathrow Airport Security in London.


    I haven’t been there in a long time but my recollection is that it is a smallish airport, not hard to get around at all when compared to mammoths like Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich. I happen to read Italian but I didn’t need to when I was in the airport.

    Things there are probably very expensive; if you’re on a tight budget best that she has food with her so that she does not even have to buy fruit or a coke in the airport. If she wants to bring someone a gift, no sense buying it in any European duty free; no savings over US regular price or EY duty free.

    Chabad in Rome is now very well-staffed. Alitalia does stand for Always Late In Takeoff Always Late In Arrival so if a flight is cancelled and she needs to go into Rome itself the shluchim should be able to help her (in English and Ivrit – I know who they are and each of them speaks one, the other or both fluently because of where they or their parents are from originally.)

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