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    (Need I say more?)


    Yes you do, what does it mean to you, what changes does it bring?

    a mamin

    Introspection, what happened in the past year, what are we praying for , for the coming year?


    Truthfully, a person should behave the rest of the year (Other than Ellul) in the right way Bein Odom L’mokom and Bein odom L’chaveiro. Even though this month is especially meant for introspection, there are some people who take it in the wrong way. They will misbehave in every way and do things below every standard during the rest of the year, especially in the Summer, on account of doing Teshuva in Ellul. I once passed in front of a Shul on the First day of Selichos at 5AM, when I heard the echo of someone’s voice crying out loud the Poems of Selichos. I felt like walking over to him and asking; “What have you done all summer?! Where have you been all the time, that you have such a guilty conscience?!


    Metro, true we should work on ourself throughout the year. I guess sometimes people get caught up with life and foget about taking care of themselves. But it’s true that we should try to keep the spirit, and not just do this for the holidays, but stay focused on our goals. One step at a time, and we can do it, with Hashem’s help

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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