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    Now that Chodesh Ellul is upon us, Mrs. CTL asked me:
    Who are we inviting for RH and what are we serving?
    She expects that I should come up with complete menus this week and then cook samples of new (to her) items for her to taste and/or approve.

    We’ll be hosting some 3rd cousins on my paternal great grandmother’s side, and in their honor I have decided on 2 main courses that go back generations in that line
    First night: Roast duck glazed with apricots and stuffed with a challah fruit and nut stuffing, boiled new potatoes, seasoned and rolled in white rice, fried in duck schmaltz (heart attack on a plate, but a favorite of my great grandfather) glazed carrots of assorted colors.
    A gantze Tzimmes made with a while brisket in the pan with all the fruit, sweet potatoes and dumplings, served with a hot oil potato kugel and red cabbage slaw for 2nd night. The slaw will be arranged on platters surrounding a full head of cabbage to commemorate the “head” of the year.

    Soups with kreplach…will decide on the soups later
    Honey Cake
    Seven Layer Cake

    Planning to serve cold luncheon each day. Platters of assorted smoked meats, poultry, aufscnitt made in our smokehouse with salads and kugels, fresh fruits and cakes/pastries.
    If the weather is predicted to be cool, then hot soup and appetizers will be served, as well.

    Dinners planned for inside, luncheon served outside in the garden. Tashlich at the brook that flows by our southeast property line.


    What’s on the menu for shabbos?


    Duck, mmmmm . . .

    Our engaged daughter will be in the U.S. with her chatan at his family, but we’ll have some friends coming from Netanya. Since we’re still somewhat new in the community (we’ve only been here since January), we still have not decided which shule we’ll be davening in for R”H.

    As far as menu plans – I don’t really know. My wife does the cooking, and AI do the cleaning up. We tend to not have overly large meals over a 3 day chag, otherwise we’d be rolling to shule every day.


    Shabbos menu is Mrs CTL’s choice. I expect that the DILs will pitch in and come cook with her

    Thinking she will go traditional Friday evening and then serve a cold luncheon of salads and fish on Shabbos, but it will be a surprise for me.


    On a 3 day Chag we tend to have large meals at night and cold buffet at luncheon.
    I do most of the cooking, especially after Mrs. CTL’s long stay in ICU and a coma last year. Our already grown children will help set and clean up.
    We don’t have to choose which shul to attend, only one choice in our small town besides Chabad (and I’m Misnagid), BUT we’ll all be davening at home. Our sun-room is set up for use as a shul, seating 44. We have machzorim, sifrei torah and my BIL just retired last year as a pulpit Rav and he’ll take charge.


    ctl: Do you have your own minyan for the yomim noraim or do you daven in shul?

    As for our menu, my wife has full control.


    Back in my meat eating days in chu”l I asked my butcher for a rack of lamb due to it’s distinctive “crown look”. He could not get me lamb, and possibly the way we treat gid hanasheh, we can’t get enough ribs to make the circle He got us a standing rib roast which was amazing in itself and easy to spiff up.
    Creplach soup is another classic. I stuff it with spiced rice and bamboo shoots,
    For those that eat nuts, pumpkin pie ( made from crook neck squash)


    As our family has grown and all come to stay for Pesach and Yomin Noraim, we hold yuntif davening here. MIL is too ill to attend shul, and Mrs. CTL can’t walk that far since last year’s medical crisis.
    Since we own all the necessities, and will be between 40 and 50 people it makes a lovely davening .
    Truth be told, it can get quite expensive to purchase tickets for an extra couple of dozen seats.

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