Rosh Hashona Haftorah: The Source of Decorating Tambourines to Greet Moshiach

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    Lately there have been Geula gatherings all over the world where women danced with decorated tambourines.Is this a new craze? Who’s idea is this? Where did it originate? Is it a new Chabad minhag?

    Guess again!

    This Rosh Hashona pay close attention  when you hear the Haftorah on the second day.. It contains  a very special Nevua about Moshiach, and Geula.

    The Navi (Yirmiyahu 31:3) speaks to the Jews, saying:”od tadi toopaiyich viyatzas bmchol misachakim”, “You will yet adorn your tambourines (one commentary says, you will be “adorned by your tambourines”)  and you will go out in joyous dance!”

    Commentaries explain that just like the righteous Jewish women prepared tambourines for Yitzias Mitzrayim, so too, we, (the Jewish Women) will once again adorn (decorate) or according to some mefarshim, be adorned, by  our tambourines.T

    The story is told that wherever the Chofetz Chaim traveled, he carried with him a new, never-worn long black coat, neatly wrapped in a suitcase. Once, one of his close acquaintances asked him: “Why don’t you ever wear your new coat?” Upon this the Chofetz Chaim replied: “I truly believe that Moshiach will come any day now, and I want to be sure that as soon as he comes I will be ready to greet him with this new garment.”

    The Chofetz Chaim will greet Moshiach with a new garment.

    My wife will greet Moshiach with her decorated tambourine




    Very nice!! I also await him with my tambourine. I painted it in high school so the paint and jewels have been chipping off but that’s cuz he’s taking too long!!

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