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    Anyone got any ideas what 2 serve on yomtov morning? Looking for ideas: First Course – after a long davening – what goes down well? Second Course: Chicken soup 2 days running 🙁 – any other ideas? Main Course – something that tastes good after being ‘warmed up’and lastly DESERT??

    just me

    Well, we will be going away for the dinner meals. For the lunch meals, we generally have fish to start then one or two different kinds of meat that I make before Yom Tov. I take it out of the fridge before I go to shul so it is room temp by the time we get home. Side dishes usually are either kigels or some kind of vegi that can slow cook while we are in shul, like butternut or kabuki squash roasting in a slow oven or string beans slow cooking on the stove.

    Dessert is either melon or baked apple.

    What ever you do, don’t get too uptight about the meal. It isn’t worth it.


    start with a fruit salad or ambrosia of sorts. to make it more yom-tov like, sprinkle in pomegranate pieces and make a honey dressing. (you can even include apples if you spray the pieces with lemon juice or vitamin C.

    fish – either gefilte or any hot fish – i really enjoy morroccan style fish.

    chef salad (for in between fish and meat)

    chinese chicken and mushroom rice (rice made in aluminum pan in oven… cicken made in advance and taken from freezer)


    ‘i really enjoy morroccan style fish.’

    How do you make this?


    well, i rarely use measurements, but here’s the basic ingredients:

    chopped fresh cilantro (can use dried, but fresh is better)

    hot paprika (depending on how spicy you like it, you can use more or less)

    sweet paprika

    cumin (not too much)

    lemon juice

    olive oil

    crushed garlic (again, can use garlic powder, but fresh or frozen in better)


    a little tomato paste or ketchup

    mix together into a paste, and then add a little more olive oil.

    rub onto fish (salmon fillet, tilapia and tuna steak are best)

    jullienne cut carrots and red pepper

    chop a few tomatoes.

    dice onion.

    saute onion in some olive oil. add carrots and red pepper and saute till softened. add tomatoes.

    place fish on top of veggies and cover pan.

    cook on low to medium flame for 15-20 minutes, depending on thickness of fish.

    serve with lemon slices and sprig cilantro.



    Thanx anonowriter. Looks really good, Looking forward to try.


    I didnt figure out which appetizer for which meal yet but this is what I’m planning:


    sweet ‘n sour meatballs on rice

    veg/ meat knishes with mushroom onion sauce


    fruit salad



    apple kugel

    carrot kugel

    salads- deli salad, potato salad

    sweet n sticky green beans (from short on time)


    PB ice cream pie

    honey cake


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    anybody have great ideas for making a pickled corned beef roast delicious?


    Take the corned beef and cook it in duck sauce, with new potatoes. I like to put cinnamon on top also. It makes the corned beef similar to tongue Polynnaise (SP?). You can also throw in currants or raisins, and carrots, and it will make its own tzimmis.


    cook the corned beef in beer. stick in in a crock pot and just let it cook…

    add some cabbage and mustard for the last half hour or so.



    we always have carrot muffins on Rosh Hashana! delicious & i’ve been told they use jars of baby carrots to make it!


    Jax, make sure to use stage 1 – anything after that has all sorts of stuff added.

    I would just make my own carrots though – much cheaper.


    jax, my daughter makes the absolute BEST carrot muffins, and yes, they are made with baby food jars of carrots. It is a different taste and texture that way, than when made with grated raw carrots.


    SJS & oomis1105: they really do take great this way! i’m no fan of carrots-well of any veggies actually and i love these carrot muffins made this way! and it’s got lots of cinnamon to taste great also!

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