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    ha ha ha ha

    are they a myth or do they really work??


    Red strings exist, if that’s what you mean by “are they a myth.”


    “Roteh bendach” are a myth. Roteh BendLach are real

    ha ha ha ha

    thanks for letting me know that red strings exists itche if you wouldn’t have told me i would have never known


    always here

    some things you NEVER forget, & I haven’t thought about this for years!

    I was taking my newborn daughter out for a stroll on Ave. J in one of those big carriages. her red string had fallen off in the house. a woman came over to peer into the carriage, &, of course, I was expecting some sort of compliment, but she said: ” Oh! that baby looks dead!” <ptew, ptew.. that’s me spitting against an ayin hora>.

    obviously, the woman was deranged/mental.. but I hurried home, replaced a new red string on her & was veryy freaked out, & needed consolation.

    that was 29 1/2 years ago.


    I heard Rabbi Yaakov Hillel make mention to them in one CD as Avodah Zara. He said it in a joking but serious way.

    i am here

    great! so lets all get a red string and start wearing it around.


    When asked if we should put one on to our then newborn, my rov said, the best shmirah against ayin hora is anovo.

    Still, and a kid, my mother had a red cloth under my carraige padding, and it seemed to have worked, so perhaps……

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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