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    Has anyone ever flown Royal Jordanian air from E”Y to the U.S? Leaves from Tel Aviv makes one stop in Amman,is this safe?


    At least you wont be patronizing the tziyonim.


    I know many people who use Royal Jordanian – even citizens of the state of Israel are welcome on board. I flew Emirates myself and even walked around Dubai – I intend to do it again if the need arises.


    TheBear: Were you dressed obviously Jewish, yarmulka and all?


    I see you are able to order a kosher meal on Royal Jordanian 🙂


    Ask your local Jewish travel agency.


    Many Israelis are known to fly Royal Jordanian, as they offer cheaper flights to south-east Asia, where as El Al is very expensive, and takes longer flights paths, as to avoid flying over hostile countries.

    Flying Royal Jordanian might feel awkward, as it mostly serves passengers transiting to various

    Arab countries. I hear the terminal there is also quite shabby, although a brand new terminal is

    supposed to open up very shortly.

    Amman is a stones throw from Jerusalem, and Palestinians who do not hold Israeli passports, are prohibited from flying out from Ben Gurion and fly out from Amman instead.


    And the Palestinians know the most about stones throwing!!


    With so many airline choices why would you a)want to put yourself at possible risk over 100 dollars

    b)While we don’t have much of a choice when it comes to filling up our cars and possibly other areas of commerce,why would you want to unnecessarily support sonei Yisrael?


    finally understand the pitgam

    Kesef Metaher Mamzerin

    for a few dollars even the jordanians become kosher

    same jordenians that looted har hazetim and used the matzeivos for a urinal floor !!


    And the Europeans/Christians who destroyed the Beis Hamikdash and killed 6 million Jews in the holocaust, with 2000 years of crusades and pograms in between, their products ARE kosher?


    The Chicago White Sox were anti-Semitic at one point, yet a number of frum organizations in Chicago gave away/ had events involving White Sox games? – I am personally a Cubs / Yankees fan.


    Litvish answer your question I could never bring myself to fly Lufthansa or buy German products. And if having a choice I avoid products from poland france ukraine russia etc.. Many major German companies are around today solely because of the slave labor they used to get through the war years whether you are talking about mercedes or puma some of these factories actually had killing grounds on premise.

    Additionally, except for Kevarim,many Rabbonim (Rabbi Reisman very recently)speak out against visiting Europe for pleasure.(they also many times will suggest spending the same amount of time and money in Eretz Yisroel)

    Aside from possible Sakanos nifashos and difficulties that could ensue by flying with a bunch of Jew haters,if given a choice of where to spend money why directly support the jordanian government and antisemites?The op obviously had his/her reservations as people don’t post about flying on delta or virgin atlantic

    Snowbunny- Jerry Reinsdorf is openly proud about the fact that he is a Jew and has owned the bulls and whitesox for at least 20 -30 years. He also gives heavily to Jewish causes across the spectrum what antisemitism are you talking about? If you are talking about racist comments by some players a few years ago, it really does not have a reflection on the organization.


    I had a terrible time getting a refund from them, but it eventually happened.


    Is there anything an American Jew touring Arab countries with a U.S. Passport needs to be aware of or act differently than any other American touring there?


    I see what you did there, mod… ^_^

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