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    How can one recognize a tzadik, today, that has ruach hakodesh?


    If you’re a tzadik yourself. It takes one to know one.


    By being one yourself?

    Are you looking for someone to advise you or give you a bracha?


    Well if people speak to the Tzaddik and they see he knows things then they will relate to their friends that he has Ruach Hakodesh. There aren’t many Tzaddikim today who are on this level and even fewer that will “show it off.”

    I would say your best bet is finding an older Tzaddik (someone over 60) because it is unlikely that someone young has reached this level today.


    welll…(*clears throat, straightens shtreimel*), it really is a difficult level to attain and one seriously needs years of practice in the study of torah, mussar, kabbalah, and also to be tomid b’simchah. But I digress, i don’t want to make the impression that i have reached such a lofty level of kedusha -not that i didn’t, hehe, it’s just my supreme humility of course that is holding me back. but i digress.


    Could you first please define ruach hakodesh? (I don’t really think that our tachlis in this world is to figure out who has ruach hakodesh.)



    Divinely inspired wisdom. (I know because I have…)


    Whoops, take that back. My anivus won’t tolerate that.


    ZeesKite aren’t we all Divinely inspired on some level?


    Yes, we all are to some extent. A Baal Ruach HaKodah has his senses more in tune, more in sync with HaShem. More Seyata d’Shmaya. Not EVERY thought will be divine, even real Nevi’im weren’t ALWAYS answered. Moreover, during the Holocaust, we found that even true Tzadikim, Baali Ruach HaKodesh lost their power. HaShem has the ultimate say. But someone who works on himself to cleanse and purify himself, one who dedicates his life to Avodas HaShem, will ultimately be on a higher plane, closer to Ratzon HaShem.


    (I didn’t say I also do chachmas hapartzuf, did I?)



    So is it a spectrum without any clear divider?

    Do you do palm readings too?


    If he charges u alot of money. Hey, it costs alot to get an apt with The Holy One these days..


    Just thought that i would share a good story with you guys. there was once a meeting of group of Poretz’s in poland. one poretz announced that he has a jew in his neighborhood who can forsee future events. The other poretz’s made fun of him for his naivete.

    Finally one poretz stood up and said, “let us call him and ask him if he knows when he will die. Then immediately afterwards i will kill him, and i will prove that he does not know what he is saying.

    They called the yid and asked when he will die. He said, “poretz, i don’t now what day i will die, but one thing i know, that you and i will die on the same day.”

    you can rest assured that the poretz did not kill him.

    lamud vov tzadik

    These autistic kids have something similiar to Ruach hakodesh, but it’s not exactly Ruach hakodesh


    They see what a Ruach sees. It is not Ruach Hakdoesh. Different Tzaddikim have different types of Ruach Hakodesh. Mainly, it seems to be an aspect of ????? ???? ??? ??????. And as the Medrash says, whoever advises ??? ???? his advice works out, as it says, ??? ??? ??? ????.

    Regular people are also Zoche sometimes to ????? ?? ??? ?????. People relate how they don’t even know why something popped out of their mouth, and how well it played out. In the notes of the Tolner Rebbe, the Gerrer Rebbe remarks how he says what “they ” put into his mouth to say. It is almost that he is as much a bystander as his audience, to his own words.

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