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    It’s ossur, and reflects poorly on the poster. Some posters seem to have it in for other posters, and honestly, it should be painful for everyone else to read. What’s the excuse?(that’s a rhetorical question)


    The excuse is that since in 3 days we will do yeshiva anyways… Oh! It’s a rhetorical question? Sorry.

    Just kidding, but seriously you are right, the problem probably is that since it’s anonymous people don’t really connect the screen name to a human, though it’s not an excuse (for an excuse see above).


    mmmm….i think its funny.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I disagree about the disconnectedness. I think some people are just rude. They don’t always realize their tone or they don’t think there is anything wrong with being “straightforward”. There are plenty of people like that in person, why would they be any different online?


    there’s also a huge potential for misunderstanding when reading responses and lacking tone. Tone changes e/t. Sarcasm->rudeness->honest compliment and all other directions.

    ”Oh him? He’s friendly to everyone” -honest admiration, sarcasm meaning he’s rude, derogatorily meaning he’s ‘too’ friendly, etc etc

    ”You got those shoes? Wow, so pretty” -compliment, with a sneer followed by a snicker, ”pretty” meaning i dont think you should ever wear them outside again, etc etc

    yesterday i read on a thread a whole argument going back n force w accusitions and getting nowhere. Reading it through, objectively, it was blatantly clear which lines had been misunderstood because they were tone-ambiguous, like the ones above, and that neither side had meant what the each thought the other had. perhaps dan lkaf zchus would help avoid some, but perceived insults are sometimes hard for some to let pass


    this name: Didn’t you mean “teshuva” where you wrote “yeshiva”?

    toi: funny and…delicious?!

    Syag: I agree!

    SaysMe: Like the kid who wrote his parents “shik gelt” and the mother “heard” it as a heartfelt plea, while the father “heard” it as a bold demand….


    Eclipse- I wrote teshuva, autocorrect corrected(?) it.

    I hate autocorrect!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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