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    Do you get any less wet if you run instead of walk in the rain? Or do you get the same wet, because you are clashing through the same amount of rain?


    I once read that you get less let walking because you are standing straight, as opposed to running, in which you will have more surface area exposed. However, if you run, you may get to where you going and get out of the rain faster.


    hafi – the only reason to get out of the rain faster, is in order to get less wet. However if by running it will make you more wet, then why run?


    If by running you could get to where you are going in 3 minutes, and by walking it will take you 10, you are better off running. The extra amount of rain that will fall on you in those 3 minutes is less than the rain that will fall on you in the extra 7 minutes of walking.


    That’s what I was asking.

    ha ha ha ha

    if you run make sure you don’t splash into puddles which is likely to happen while running as apposed to walking 🙂


    How about dancing in the rain?

    old man

    The answer is a complex mathematical equation that takes into account the rate of rainfall, the volume of rain per cubic meter and the rate of running or walking.The answer will change according to these variable parameters.

    For example, if walking is better (less wet) than running, that does not mean that walking even slower is even better because then standing still would be the driest option and that cannot be. From the other side, even if one would run at the speed of light, he would catch all the drops available at that instant and still get wet.

    A very famous question with a not-so-simple solution.


    old man – Good thinking.


    I think the MythBusters took this one on a while back. A trip to their web site should give you a definitive result. But I think you are going to get wet either way.

    kol daveed

    Copied from Yahoo Answers…

    As a general rule, running will make you wetter, because you not only get hit from above, you also run into the raindrops which would hit the ground if you were walking. It is possible that walking will leave you wetter under some circumstances, however: the difference is down to the direction & speed of the rainfall.

    If it’s windy & the rain is aimed in the same direction as you are headed, you can avoid getting hit as much by moving at just the right speed to not let it hit you from behind, & not run into it ahead of you. Your head will still get wet, of course, but overall you’ll end up drier.

    If you’re moving against the wind, on the other hand, the slower you go the less you get hit per unit of time, but the longer you take… optimal speed is dependent on far too many variables to judge beforehand (& likely in the thick of it as well). Other angles complicate the issue even further.

    Gauging the right speed to avoid the raindrops is almost impossible even when you’re going with the rain, though… it’s merely a mathematical setup, easily disrupted by a change in the wind. It works great on paper, where the only variables are your speed & the direction of the rain. In practice, you’re probably better off walking, as Mythbusters showed.


    brisk; You are seeking an answer to the age-old, frageh.

    Here’s the thing, it is better to walk in the rain instead of running.

    There are a few reasons for this.

    The first, being that since when you walk slowly only the rain that is directly coming down on you at the pace that is is coming down is hitting you in an orderly fashion, as opposed to when you walk quickly or run. (the same reason that when you walk slowly in the rain under an umbrella, your pants/skirt (not yours brisk) get less wet than when you are walking quickly.)

    (This reason does not apply when it’s raining diagonally.)

    Secondly, when you walk quickly or run, you are less aware of the

    ground ahead of you and are more likely to step or splash into a puddle.

    Thirdly, when you run in the rain you are likely to slip and fall

    headfirst (or however) in a puddle or on the wet ground.

    Fourthly, it is dangerous to run in the rain. visibility is bad for drivers, as well as short stopping is not as efficient on wet asphalt. People are a less aware to their surroundings busy running for their lives as if they might or gain weight staying in the rain. I wonder if they know what most of clothes gets washed in.

    Since it’s a S’fek S’feika, and it a Shailoh of V’nishmarted.

    Sofek vs. S’fek S’feika,

    I pasken walk slowly, smile, watch other ppl running for their lives as if it’s raining lava. Enjoy the rain, it’s good for your



    b_h – Thanks for the eitzah, what did you mean by not mine?

    minyan gal

    “How about dancing in the rain?”

    What about “Singing In The Rain”? I believe you must be at least a few years over 60 to understand this one.

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