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    Sabotage: n. When the mods close the most interesting threads.


    Often it’s more about what hasn’t been posted than what has. Any ideas for a new one?


    So there are six levels to a comment. Either it gets posted, stays yellow, gets edited, gets deleted, bans the poster, or it closes the thread. I’m not sure of the order of the latter two. Oh, and one more: the thread can disappear.

    Hmm, you seem to have a lot of insider information


    I personally do NOT like to see posts banned, unless the language is offensive, or if someone is being really mean-spirited or very disrespectful whether to another poster or about the subject thread. Censorship has never been something I particularly like, except in certain cases. This is a Yeshiva World CR, so of course, foul language or a lack of menschlechkeit should be exed out. But sometimes people have been edited for content and they don’t know why. i try to be fairly benign in my postings even when I have a strong opinion. I think I am a careful and respectful poster, but I have had a post or two that never saw the light of day in the CR, and I would have appreciated knowing why.

    sometimes they don’t know why because they don’t recognize the lack of mentchlichkiet, sometimes I think they do know, even though they ask.



    Cabotage: n. the right of inter-country shipping.

    The 1920 Jones Act disallows non-US ships from traveling between two US ports. It is the reason why NJ has no salt, and why there was a gas shortage during Sandy. It gets waived regularly as everyone agrees the law impeeds commerce, but it is a boon for the ship building industry in the US, so it is still on the books.

    (PBA moment)


    oomis: i am not a fan of censorship either but this particular website needs to be cognizant of possible chillul hashem and i think the threat of chillul hashem is great enough to warrant censorship. you may disagree with the method by which discretion may have been used but you are not the one with the burden of this great task either. some leeway must be given to the moderators to make the wrong call sometimes.


    How about closing this one to demonstrate?


    As soon as a thread is closed, you can be sure someone will start one questioning it. What a fun game.

    I recently participated in two threads that got closed.

    In one, I got the last word. Obviously I thought I did have the ‘last word’ on the subject, but it didn’t seem fair!

    On the more recent one, the last post went to the OP, who posted a most outrageous (and silly) accusation against (though she may not have realized who was included in her target) many Gedolim. The discussion was def. not headed anywhere good – but what a note to end off on.


    What could it be, it’s a mirage

    You’re scheming on a thing – that’s sabotage


    Whether something is sabotage depends on the shoes worn.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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