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    These high-profile Jews are a real danger to the Jews. While it is understandable that a Ukrainian president would defend Ukraine against Putin’s invasion, the fact is that Zelensky is not a Slavic Ukrainian, he is a Jew. And whatever mistakes, corruption and deliberate misleading is involved with being the Ukraine president (Ukrainians have a different mindset; corruption is a part of life there), we Jews collectively will be blamed for the actions of Zelensky.

    The Ukrainian missile that landed in Poland, which Zelensky immediately blamed Russia for, the billions of dollars Zelensky shnorrers from the US, all of this puts weapons in the Jew-haters arsenal. I n the missile case, anti-Semites and even those who are are not particularly anti-Semites, claim Zelensky wanted to instigate a WW3 by blaming Russia for attacking a NATO country and therefore causing forcing NATO to get involved in the war.

    The conservatives have always claimed that Zelensky is corrupt. And now with the FTX scandal this may be the proof for what they were claiming all along. Bankman-Fried and Soros have basically funded the Democrat party which is causing the fall of the US. And now that it has been claimed or uncovered, whichever way you look at it, that FTX had a hand in the Ukrainian government money laundering it is giving them the proof for their claims of corruption…

    Schumer and Co. have had a large part in promoting the immense immorality rampant in the US (especially with his new gay-supporting “marriage bill”) and causing the moral disintegration of the US.

    These people are a danger to us Jews just because of the fact that they are Jewish….

    There are also unproven rumors that Klaus Schwab, the head of WEF, is a Jew

    And for good measure there’s the Jefferey Epstein scandal…

    Often people say Jews control Hollywood, the government, the media and the banks. Even many Jews claim Jews control Hollywood. But I say where’s the proof? Everyone will say that well, there’s Harvey Weinstein…There’s absolutely no proof that Jews control or own Hollywood or the media or the governments and the banks. Perhaps some individual Jews own part of it, as do Asians, whites, blacks, etc. However, when you have prominent Jewish individuals that engage in criminal behavior that effects a large percentage of humanity, unfortunately we are all collectively blamed for their misdeeds.

    Mashiach needs to come speedily. All of this is spinning out of control.


    There’s a simple answer.

    First Judaism is a religion, not a race, not an ethnicity, and not a nationality. (Yes, that knocks out the Zionist Big Lie, too.)

    There are lots of terrible Christians and Muslims in this world, too. But nobody calls Christianity terrible nor do they think less of Christians because of the actions of the terrible Christians.

    Second, these “Jews” are Jews-in-name-only. They have nothing to do with Judaism.

    The more that Jews distance themselves from heretics, including Zionists, the better it will be for Jews. Period.


    HaKatan, Judaism is a religion but ALSO a race. I agree what you are saying about there being Muslims and Christians also doing terrible things. But that was not the point of my comment. I am not blaming all Jews for what some Jewish individuals do. I am saying that these Jews are causing a lot of anti-Semitism and it’s becoming very scary and ugly.



    This is an astonishing post.

    Anti-semites do not need or care about high profile Jews.
    They blame Jews for all the evils in this world because they are anti-semites.

    Anti-semites can read The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion, which is a fabricated antisemitic text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination. It was first published in Russia in 1903.

    Or they can blame all jews for the actions of The state of Israel.
    Or for killing Yoshka 2 thousand tears ago.
    Or for blood libels.
    Or for being genetically inferior and causing all diseases. (Nazi Theory)
    Or for trampling on the Har Habayis.
    or for infinite number of lies.

    Jews should do what is right because we represent Hashem in this world.

    But none of us Yidden are the CAUSE of anti-semitism.


    Jackk there were Jews who were very instrumental in bringing in bolshevism and shutting down yeshivas across Europe. There were Jews who were willing informants for the church. There are self-hating Jews in high power positions in every generation who do have control.


    Soros is the chief anti Israel machine, money wise, which results in anti Jewish bigotry, all over the world.


    Beitza somewhere 25 addresses this excellent question. Bear with me:

    you have a cow that coughs suspiciously at the end of yom tov,, maybe she casiught covid, who knows. In order not to encounter huge loss, you would like to shecht it, but there is not enough time to cook it. Can you schecht, cut a piece and eat it raw? R Akiva says – no. Maybe because it is not kosher because you are not checking the lungs, etc? No, you can presume (mduaraita) that majority of animals are healthy. Then, the only explanation is that you can’t shecht it because of lack of Derech Eretz! That is, we proved that Derech Eretz is mduaraita!

    Gemora then goes on the “tangent” – lots of mitzvos are given for us to develop Derech Eretz and ability to wait (kashrus, niddah, etc). And then: answer to your question:

    .. Dogs among animals, roosters among birds, Jews among nations – all have azut (boldness? hutzspah?). So, Hashen gave us Torah to train us to limit ourselves. Otherwise, Jews will not leave space for other nations to live …

    And this is exactly what is happening with Jews who do not know better but try to “save the world” through all kind of means – communism and other “activism” comes to mind first lately.


    I would not bring Zelensky as exhibit 1 for this situation, though. Here is a guy who risks his life daily fighting Russian Nazis, without having no preparation for this role. Whatever his position is on a particular missile is, we probably expect Ukrainians having his statutes in the future across the anti-semite Boghdan … The only people who seriously blame him for anything are pro-Russian public which currently stands at 7% in USA (down from 15% 5 years ago).


    All the folks named in the title are executive members of the Elders of Zion.

    I’m surprised no one pointed this out yet.


    Yes, I forgot about Soros but he definitely belongs in the tile.


    You are right, but I’m also right. I think we are both of our opinions here are the truth. It is a paradox.


    Unfortunately, we suffer from the chillul HaShem of leftists and globalists who happen to be Jewish by circumstances of birth, but who have nothing to do with Torah Judaism.


    Unlike infamous Soros, Schumer , though a liberal, is not anti-Jewish.


    As the split in the Jewish community becomes more obvious, frum Jews are decreasingly likely to be blamed for the actions of a secular cousins (whether or not they are Jews according to halacha). On the bad side, it appears that most anti-Semitism is increasingly from secular persons with Jewish ancestry. Groups like the “Nazis” are universally regarded as a bad joke (and note that contemporary “right wing” parties everywhere tend to make a point of repudiating anti-Semitism), where the “politically correct” left is a real threat to us (note who wants to close the yeshivas and prohibit Bris Milah).


    No, Jews are not a race. There are Jews from all over the world and of all skin colors, looks, etc.


    Jews are definitely a race. People from one race can have different coloring. The Pashtuns and Yazidis for example, have many different physical characteristics within their race; there are individuals with very dark skin and dark hair to individuals light skin, blue eye and even blond hair and everything in between. A race does not mean that there where no people from other races who ASSIMILATED within them. But the key word is assimilated, And even without assimilation, a person can have many latent DNA characteristics passed down coming out in descendants. So a blond-haired, blue eyed person can have dark haired and eyed descendants.

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