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    Both Satmar Rebbes have made speeches condemning the community for being engaged in the elections this year, while being civically engaged is very much the norm in the Modern Orthodox, Conservative and Reform and the secular Jewish community its a new phenom in the Frum community in the US although in Europe you had Frum members of the Polish Sejm and the Hungarian Diet such as Rav Meir Shapiro and Rav Nosson Levine.
    Just wondering why the Frum people were engaged like never before, is it because with the advent of social media we are more connected? the entire US was more engaged in the election and we reflect the world at large? we never had access or an affinity to the white house like this before, [a chasidisher man lighting the Candles at the Chanucha Party, frum people at the bill signing, Frum SIL] therefore people felt a personal connection?

    Reb Eliezer

    There was a question whether the religious should join the Knesses? When Amrom divorced his wife, Miryam said, that your edict is worse than Pharaoh. His gezera was only on the boys but yours is on both boys and girls by not having any children. What was Amrom’s thinking? Explains the Chasam Sofer, as explained by the Maharam Shik, that Amrom believed that by not having any more children, the neshomos will be considered used up and will bring Meshiach. Miryam argued that it wor’t work as the religious will stop having children but others will. Similarly, if the religious will not join but the modern will, the Knesses will do whatever it wants without anyone there to stop them. So voting is important for the same reason.


    common: is it because with the advent of social media we are more connected?

    possibly. this highlights the problem. If many people get “connected” via social media and against the positions of the leaders, they might be getting the worst parts of the connectedness, but not the best. Thus, propagation of social media without ability to properly research information. Maybe YWN should reconsider hyperlink policy by allowing links to, say, academic or government papers.


    I can’t understand why you would need to do research, we’re like family here!

    emes nisht sheker

    Why is it any different than the Hafgana in Israel (strong conviction breeds extremism). When people think their politics and religion align extremism follows. I suspect we are at the end of a shift in Orthodox adopting the Republican Party as their political identity. Just see the way comments are written here by frum people who support Trump. It is “we” as opposed to the “Republicans.” On the other hand, I suspect if you read comments from those supporting the Democrats it is the “Democrats” and not “we.”


    @emesnishtsheker, oh please, that’s pure hogwash, the MO crowd always meshed social justice with religion.


    See the FrumJews4Joe Twitter account for a recording and translation of some of the Satmar Rebbe’s remarks.

    If I recall he said something about the frum following for Trump being like a cult, and Trump having more “chassidim” than any Rebbe.


    @yytz, Chasidim in general and Satmar in particular had an issue about being called a cult, people with glass houses should not throw stones.
    maybe its people thinking and acting on the own, the support Trump was ground up movement

    heiliger yidele

    @always ask questions: you are 100 percent correct. more and more satmar yidden have access to internet and the news outlets in yiddish are bigger and bigger (do your research). however, there was never an interest like there was at this election- even amongst the chassidish people who did have internet- because on the other hand everyone was told to go out and vote mitzad hakoras hatov.

    in other words, there is a fine line between Jews electing, and Jews being INTO elections, and the satmar rebbes want to sharpen that line.

    Rav Tuv

    Satmar rejecting Trump and kissing up to Biden. The rebbe would never have made that statement if Trump won. They will go with whoever will favor their agenda.

    Satmar has historically been political. They will always be political. This is not Rav Yoelish’s Satmar.

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