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    I’d like to learn to play either the saxophone or clarinet. Does anyone have any advice which one I should learn?

    Also, does anyone know any teachers in the Far Rockaway/Five Towns area? (I found one but she’s pretty expensive…)


    Clarinet. It’s a bit easier, lighter and cheaper.

    Plus, once you do learn the clarinet, it is easier to pick up the sax, since they are both woodwinds.


    Clarinet can be more Yiddish sounding.


    Zeeskite – that’s sort of why I want to play saxophone – you don’t see all that many frum girls playing it… It’s more commonly found in jazz bands.


    viola obviously


    whats that


    I’m not sure I understand the connection of the clarinet being more Yiddish sounding and you wanting the play the sax, but I will say that the sax is a much heavier instrument, so it would depend on your physical makeup. If you are bigger and stronger, then you could play the sax, but if you are smaller and not as strong, then I would go for the clarinet.

    But still, if you’re a frum girl, why wouldn’t you want to go with a more “feminine” instrument, just to buck the system?

    BTW, the viola is a string instrument just a bit bigger than the violin.


    How about getting a tuba that’s in move in condition? If you wear a skirt, why don’t you play bagpipe? (Not when I’m around, though.)

    On a more serioso notation, a clarinet has more room for expression of feeling. A saxiphone is easier to blow.


    On a more serioso notation, a clarinet has more room for expression of feeling.

    I’d think the oppisite is the case as a sax is often played as a lead instrument while the clarinet is often a supporting instrument. (That’s just my perception, which may or may not be true.)


    That’s because the sax has a fuller sound, closer to brass. The clarinet is a thin sound that has to be backed up, with other instruments or electronic echo.


    I think the choice may depend upon several factors.

    1) personal or professional

    Are you looking to play in a band or is this a hobby/pastime?

    If in a band, you need to check what’s needed so as not to train unnecessarily.

    2) do you have space to practice? The instruments may be fairly compact, but a saxophone can be too loud to practice with if you live in a building.

    3) where do you envision playing the instrument? If you want something very portable, a clarinet might be more practical, as you can carry it everywhere and play it almost anywhere (not so a saxophone).


    How big is a regular saxophone?


    There are probably two “regular” saxes the bflat Alto and the Tenor, the Alto is smaller, but definitely a little bit bigger and heavier than a clarinet, it has the same fingering as the flute btw not as easy to switch to clarinet as mentioned above.


    Thanks littleapple!


    Have you ever heard of the definition of a gentleman?

    Someone who knows how to play the saxophone, but doesn’t.

    I vote for the clarinet…


    Personally I would play the sax.

    Think first

    Both, if you learn clarinet first you have an easier time with sax afterward its harder to blow a clarinet.

    If you must choose one, I would go with the sax its got a much richer/fuller sound as compared to the clarinet which is a higher pitched somewhat skweaky sound.


    Re clarinets sounding more “Yiddish”. That is completely true. The clarinet is usually the lead instrument in a Klezmer band. Klezmer is one of the few authentic Jewish musical forms developed since Churban Bayis Sheini. It is certainly more authentic than the Maccabeats.


    The clarinet is only a higher pitched somewhat skweaky sound when the high notes are played (kind of like a soprano sax). The clarinet’s lower notes are rich and sonorous, and the bass clarinet is a warm, unassuming instrument (very suitable for bnei Torah, LOL).

    The clarinet is much more versatile (as was mentioned) – klezmer, orchestral, jazz, wind band, woodwind quintet…

    There aren’t many orchestral pieces written with sax parts, for example Night on Bald Mountain and Lt. Kije Suite, which are very nice pieces, but the clarinet repertoire is much richer. And no, I don’t play clarinet, or sax.


    I saw an instrumental played by Evan Al Orchestra, and the entire instrumental was played with a saxophone(played by a very good saxophone player as a matter of fact). The instrumental was BEAUTIFUL!!!

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