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    Like it says in Pirkei Avos, we should take action and not just talk.

    Some things like ahavas yisroel are challenging. We talk about it, but it’s harder to apply, especially if people are different, ie. hashkafah etc. We need to internalize the importance of it so that way we work on it like someone working to keep kosher for example.

    We don’t have to agree with people, but we should still respect them as fellow Jews. Of course, it goes both ways and each group should work on it. But we shouldn’t wait for someone else to start. We can each make a difference in building achdus. Many of us have more similarities than differences. If we focus on each other’s good points, like so and so does chesed…we can takes steps towards coming together.

    People are going to have different views whether we like it or not. But at least if we each respect each other, we can be strong, because we are stronger when together. That’s what Hashem wants, His children to be united.


    It depends. If I tell you I’m going to shut the light on my way out and I disable the electricity…..Remember when I did that? You were mad!


    good old days


    Umm, sm29 and rebyidd23, do you by any chance know each other, or am I missing something??



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    Sometimes I wonder what is mine

    Tolerance, or a rubber spine


    I heard an explanation on that chazal- although tzadikim want to do a lot, they can’t be sure that they will physically be able to accomplish as much as they’d like. They say the minimum because their words are precious to them and they don’t want to go back on what they said. So they start with the min and end up doing the max.

    Talking about ahavas yisroel and things like that is different, because it’s not a specific action. When we discuss it, it stays at the forefront of our mind and then we end up bit by bit accomplishing a lot until it becomes second nature.


    Sometimes though, we might talk a lot about it, but don’t do much to apply it. We all make an effort to do nice chesed, but it’s sometimes hard to remember ahava when with people who are different than us hashkafically, because we are focused on their difference and how they are not doing things right.

    I’m Not saying don’t argue, It’s good to have discussions. But it should be good discussions where you both learn, understand and grow. Not arguments that just attack and don’t go anywhere. It’s hard and takes self discipline to speak our mind calmly, but people hear us better when the words come from the heart instead of from an attack. – That’s why it’s important to look at the person’s good points we can build that love for our fellow Jew


    Sometimes I say nothing and do nothing.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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