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    Is there a halachic problem with saying tehilim at night. If so then does anyone know why?

    What about purim night then?



    The Arizal says that you should not read pasukim at night. Does this apply to saying Tehilim as well? The Btzel HaChochma (4:46) brings down a number of sources that say the Arizal never meant saying pasukim of Tehilim. He further says that it has become an accepted practice in Klal Yisroel to say Tehilim after Chatzos.

    He quotes the Yosef Ometz who says that in Chevron and Yerushalayim, where they followed the Minhag Ari, they would wake up at Chatzos to say Tehilim. The Medrash says that Yaakov Avinu said Tehilim at night. Dovid HaMelech said Tehilim at night and even composed most of Tehilim at night. However, adds the Yosef Ometz, that although when asked by someone about this practice he permits it because there are sources to rely on, nevertheless he himself is afraid and he refrains from doing so. The lone exception is Thursday night and Friday night since Rav Chaim Vital specifically says that the problems of saying pasukim at night are not applicable on these nights.

    Lastly he brings from the Aishel Avrohom that even before Chatzos it is permissible to say Tehilim since Chazal tell us that Hashem considers the Tehilim we say as if we are learning the difficult mishnayos of Nega’im and Ohalos whose time is the beginning of the night. The Btzel HaChochma therefore concludes that it is permissible to say Tehilim the entire night.


    For psak halacha ask your Rav; for discussion purposes I believe there is a minhag not to learn the books of Kesuvim at night (maybe a fear of awakening the quality of strict judgement), but saying tehillim is davening and certainly different.


    Isn’t it the practice of shomtim of a body to say tehilim?

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