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    I just went on and learned that today, the 18th of Av, is the anniversary of pogroms in Palestine in 1929, including the brutal Hebron Massacre.

    And just a few hours ago, we learned about the latest in Arab savagery. Coincidence?

    Hashem speaks to us through history.



    Yes, however…. We are all hearing the news how the followers of bin Ladin were trying to plan an”anniversary attack” on 9-11.



    that is really scary! i didn’t know that. but i think what we need to ask now is – what do/can we do about it?



    Here’s the passage from

    “[On the 18th of Av in] 1929, Arab mobs attacked Jewish communities throughout Israel. False rumors — fueled by inflammatory sermons in the mosques — declared that the Jews were preparing to take control of the holy places, and that Jews were carrying out “wholesale killings of Arabs.” Muslims mobs went on the attack, killing 17 Jews in Jerusalem and 18 in Tzfat. The worst atrocities occurred in Hebron, where only one British policeman guarded the entire city and was powerless to stop the rampage. In Hebron, 67 Jews including 12 Americans were murdered. The survivors were relocated to Jerusalem, leaving Hebron barren of Jews for the first time in centuries.”

    We know that Hashem DOES speak to us through history. Tisha b’av is one example of this. The killing of OBL and the suicide of Adolf Hitler (may their names and memories be ground into the dust) is another – i.e., both events were announced on the same day. And if memory serves me right, tomorrow is the anniversary of the Crown Heights pogroms.

    Let’s daven that our Father in Heaven will protect klal Yisroel from any more tzoros.



    Riot not pogrom.

    I Didn’t know bin laden was killed on the same day H committed suicide.



    He wasn’t. Neither of them actually died on May 1st. However, the World was informed of both of their deaths on May 1st.


    It is only the civil anniversary of the Crown Heights pogrom (and that is what it is – Dinkins told the police to let the rioters express their anger). I know from the date of a photo I have with the Rebbe ZYA the Sunday after the situation calmed down (15 Elul) that the kodesh date is in Elul.



    My husband told me they almost cancelled the peace accord with Egypt. In light of this and the recent barrage of rocket fire initiated by hammas in aza, could we say that this is an onesh for our giving away some of the shtachim??

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