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    Hi guys. I like to learn Mussar but alot of the time, I really don’t feel like it has a very strong effect on me, so I was wondering if you guys know any mussar books that are kinda scary and go straight to the heart.


    Rosh hashana mussaf def. Not sure i can help you on the seder.


    What do you mean mussaf def


    perhaps learn it out loud & think more deeply would help.

    reading any book with your mouth leaves it in your memory & a part of you much longer then when a person reads a book with his eyes



    Hey Mr Mashiach,

    Thats something i will BH BL try but do you have any good strong book recomendations


    I’ve heard that Shaar Hayirah in Reshit Chochma is supposed to be very powerful, however a lot of rabbonim won’t let their talmidim learn it as apparently it’s so scary it gets people depressed to the point some of them go off the derech chas v’shalom. I’ve learned with a big talmid chacham who whenever I’ve asked him to teach it to me he casually changes the subject, so not sure if it’s so shayach.

    Davar acher – I personally really like charifkeit, however even so often I find that something really deep and inspirational can motivate or change me much more than many instances of being scared. Try learning some chassidus and see if you can catch what I mean.


    What you’re missing is Joseph’s Tochacha.


    the purpose of the Mussar Seforim is not to scare you. it is to tell you what The Ribono Shel Olam wants a Yid to be. what he expects of YOU. and how to accomplish this.

    when you realize and ponder how you have failed to even begin on this road, how you have failed your Father, your King, and how you WILL stand before The Judge of eternal life and eternal death, of Gehinom and Gan Eden you WILL be scared. and shamed. and if you are not, it is only because the Yetzer HaRa has his dark hands tightly over your eyes and around your heart. then you should be doubly scared.


    The Epic of Gilgamesh is really scary. According to it we are all doomed.


    dear feivel what you described is what I meant by scary


    Someone recommended reishet chochma, but I asked a rav and he said that the book quotes the zohar left and right so I wouldn’t really chap it


    it’s not exactly scary, but i would recommend tanya. It will take a while, but if you spend time thinking about the topics, it’s a very powerful message. However, the sefer is a springboard for introspection, so it will take time (if i recall, the ba’al hatanya actually talks about a person who doesn’t fell like he is changing in one of the parts of the sefer)


    The only really scary Mussar is lack of learning a Mussar Sepher [even in English] in the comfort of an air-conditioned Beis haMedrash or even living-room or subway train in Olom haZeh, and instead R’L having to receive this Mussar in awful discomfort of Gehinom.


    ?? ????

    ???? ??????

    Todros Gimpel

    Sha’ar Hagmul (By the Ramban).


    if you want to be scared out of your wits learn reishis chachma maseches gehenom i tghink its in the 1st chelek


    Scary Mussaf Seder Recomendations 15 weeks left until Rosh haShono Mussaf; Hence this leaves 5 weeks to study Malchiyaus, followed by 5 weeks to study Zichronos followed by 5 weeks to study Shoforos. So go for it and be prepared by time Rosh haShono Mussaf rolls around in 105 days time.


    Good advice, 147.

    And though it’s not only part of Mussaf, may I add, go through 147’s suggestions a little faster and when you’re done, study thoroughly all of Vidui of Yom Kippur.

    Scary indeed.

    Very scary.


    If you want something really intense you can try ???? ??? by Rav Alexander Moshe Lapidus. The first section is about as powerful as it gets. Almost to the point of being careful with it. It can be too much for many people.


    This Shabbos Korach is already just 100 days until Sukkos, so already time to commence study of the Hoshanas compositions, which of-course is appended to Mussoph services, as was done in the Beis-haMikdosh..


    Try Likutei Eitzot (can read in English for free online: google “English translation of Likutey Etzot”), which although chassidic has been praised as great mussar by Litvish gedolim, such as R’ Dessler and R’ Elya Lopian.


    Kav HaYoshar.

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