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    little miss

    I’m applying for a scholarship to Torah Metzion, and one of the questions they ask is how much I’m requesting as a scholarship. So far they’ve given $250,000 TO 70 people, so thats around $3,500 to each person. I’m going to Pninim, which is about $14,000 a year. How much should I request?


    That depends on how much you can afford to pay. Request what you can’t afford.

    i said so

    Who is torah metzion?! Do they give scholorships for sem?!


    There are so many organizations that give scholarship money for seminary. I raised $23,730 for seminary and even though I have had to switch seminaries, I have still found ways to get scholarships for the seminary I am at now. The key thing is to always ask your; school, rabbi, federation, and search online (there are so many online like the alissa flatlow one and others like that that you can’t find anywhere else but online).

    little miss

    okay, thanks guys. snowbunny3318, can you tell me more about how you got scholarships? I’ve been signing up to every scholarship online that I can, contacted the federation, and filled in a FAFSA, but I still think it won’t add up to seminary tuition. Can you give me some much needed advice?

    little miss

    i said so: It’s a scholarship for seminaries or yeshivos which are part of the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program at Yeshiva University. This includes:

    Afikei Torah

    Darchei Binah

    Emunah V’Omanut

    Machon Maayan

    Meor Hatorah

    Michlalah Yerushalayim

    Michlelet Esther

    Michlelet Mevaseret

    Midreshet AMIT

    Midreshet Berot

    Midreshet Devora

    Midreshet Eshel

    Midreshet Harova

    Midreshet Lindenbaum

    Midreshet Moriah

    Midreshet Tehillah

    Midreshet Tzvia

    Midreshet Yeud

    Migdal Oz


    Shaalvim for Women


    Tomer Devora


    Is it true that you can only get a scholarship if you’re an amazing student? Is there any good scholarship I could get without that?


    Littlemiss: The answer to your question will be different depending on what community you live in. For me, although it was really hard to write all the essays, I have a very unique background because I went to public school, did ncsy, became a baal teshuva, transferred to a local bais yaakov, and my family isn’t so wealthy. So depending on your background and where you live, it might not be possible to get a full scholarship. However, the key thing is to search online.

    If you know that you are going to a Jewish College after your year in seminary, then I do not recommend participating in an Israel experience program unless fafsa allows you to get grants instead of loans/ nothing. Otherwise, you could be spending $2,000 on a program for a transcript to be in debt.

    Also, most seminaries have some sort of scholarship or work study fund that can help a bit as well.

    Nanny: I was never a straight a student, and I even got a D in a class and a bunch of C on my transcript and although that meant I could not apply for the merit scholarship from my federation, people that ask you to send in a transcript usually also look at other factors such as essays, and possibly interviews- if applicable.

    There are also scholarships that I don’t know about for other communities because I live in the midwest, but there are probably funds available from places that have paper applications as well.

    little miss

    snowbunny3318, thank you! So, I live in Maryland, went to frum school, and have decent grades. I didn’t take the SATs, which could be holding me back from getting more scholarships, but I took my GED after 10th grade, and am in a Jewish college now for Judaic Studies, to become a teacher. Would you know anything specific that I’d qualify for? (If it helps,my GPA is 3.3)

    I’m crazy for putting so much information up, but I really want these scholarships. thanks

    i said so

    How do I get through to torah metzion?!

    i said so

    Snowbunny: how were u able to receive that much in scholorships?! And i need help with scholarships I’m a good students but don’t write essays!!! Where do I apply?!


    In addition to writing tons of essays (for me, writing is easier than having interviews), I went to a number of rabbis in my community, and I also set up a website, and constantly spoke about how I needed to raise so much money, and then people suggested that I go to a variety of places based on what I needed, I often would ask someone to list all the places that they thought of for getting scholarships from (I did this later on in the year) and that way, I made sure I covered all my bases (which towards the end of the year, I already got money from all the places most people seemed to mention), and then I would ask if they could think of any other places, and then I got some “last resort” suggestions, and then worked on those. Basically, fundraising that amount of money while still in high school is a pretty big undertaking, I would say that I lost a ton of sleep over it, and also felt like during that time, it was all I could think about (I am very driven when it comes to meeting goals like that, which helped a lot, but also stressed me a bit as well). I also davened a ton and made sure to check in with people every once in a while to make sure I was on the top of their list of people who needed money.

    Like the school I went to in 12th grade was a bais yaakov, so I could not use the internet at school, yet I had special permission to bring my laptop to school to take notes, and on days I got out earlier than everyone else (like a friday), I would occasionally go somewhere else (a Jewish organization) that would let me use their wifi, and I told them I wanted to use their wifi to search for seminary related information, and then they saw that I was serious, and helped me. Its all about strategic planning. An army will lose a war if they don’t have a strategy for the battlefield, so to, you can’t do this alone, and you need to rally up people to support you.


    I’m not really understanding. Which scholarship programs did you apply to? I just have to find them online? And the amount you got covered your full tuition plus more?



    NCSY (Regional, National, Torah Fund)

    Kupat Ha’ir

    The rest of them were limited to people who live in my community. I don’t live in New York.

    i said so

    btw is fasfa the same as pell?


    pell is a grant you get depending on what fafsa decides you deserve to get from the government.


    Why does it say they are not taking any more applications?? I’m so confused!!

    little miss

    thank you snowbunny3318. I’m going to try everything you said.


    No problem! As for oorah, that is a bit weird, they probably mean that they aren’t taking more applications for k-12 I would call the lakewood office.


    If I apply to online scholarship programs, do I also need to be enrolled in a collage (or get collage credits through the seminary) in order to receive scholarships from types of programs like (they say they are collage scholarships but could seminary be considered my first year of collage?) thanks… sorry it my thoughts aren’t so clear…

    little miss

    I’m not sure i understand your question, but to answer the last part, if you are going to be getting credits in seminary, that is considered college. Find out where your seminary gets its credits from (i.e. which college; excelsoir, touro…) and apply for their scholarships.


    since you plan on going to E”Y, you aren’t eligible because you are going abroad.


    So if I go aboard, I’m not considered part of an American collage?

    Lets say I’ll get credits through Touro next year; I think Touro tuition is aprox $900 for your seminary year (if your planning on taking credits). Could I get a collage scholarship? If I could, would it only go toward the $900 I’m paying Touro or could it also go toward the rest of seminary tuition??


    It isn’t possible at all. Unless you apply for seminary scholarships (FAFSA is the only exception)


    Oh… That’s annoying. You’ve tried it?


    If you go through a college (Touro, Stern, TI, and one more whose name I don’t remember right now) then you can use college scholarships. Otherwise, you need scholarships that are specifically for seminary/a year abroad.

    little miss

    You can also get scholarships for your college credits in sem. through online programs, like Excelsior or Thomas Edison. Ask your seminary where they give their credits from.

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