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    eishis chayil

    in a recent headlines here on YWN – PETCH! School District Bringing Back Spanking to Discipline Unruly Students. what are your thoughts on this

    ☕️coffee addict

    I think it’s an amazing idea

    The reason there is so much crime today is because there is no respect for authority

    Now obviously the spanking can’t be done out of anger


    Hmmm. Spanking unruly students. Some schools are requiring or allowing teachers to carry guns. Maybe that makes the spanking unnecessary.

    eishis chayil


    honestly. you are right. hey, kid, you misbehaved? watch, i give you one more chance. i will trigger.



    This post seem to be annual at Rosh Hodesh Elul or something, both parents and teachers scared of starting the school year … hatzlaha


    Many Yeshivos never stopped.

    The Goyim are catching up.


    Many yeshivos did stop using corporal punishment a decade ago. There are still some that do but they are in a minority given what they perceive are the litigation and insurance risks, even in cases where they have “consent” from parents. Good parenting and teaching w/o reliance on physical force are quite possible.


    I agree with gadolhatorah. And to add: Maybe the kids wouldn’t be so unruly if the parents were actually parenting instead of putting all the onus of chinuch on the schools.


    I do not agree on corporal punishment for kids I wish it could be legalized but for some adults..


    Read Rabbi Yaakovson in “SPARE THE CHILD” how he feels that hitting is not a productive tool anymore. The dangers and possible negative outcomes outweighs the possible benefits. See the end of the chapter on Punishment.


    Everyone’s opinion is NOT relevant, because they dont send the children to that school distict


    The seems an extreme way to deal with students with un-woke behavior (use the wrong pronoun for a boy dressed as a girl, and you get beaten). This could catch on.


    It’s not the way today


    I used to hit my kids (for serious things, like playing with fire) but I saw that it does not work, so I stopped.
    Now, I only hit when i’m angry (just kidding!!).

    Withholding a privilege is far, far more effective, less treats on Shabbos or something like that… boy do they remember for a long time! One of the reasons is because they think about the punishment from when you tell them, until you carry it out.
    They would gladly trade a potch and get the privilege back – which shows what is more powerful!!

    The only time i hit is for a little kid (eg. 2 year old) who plays with the gas-stove / electrical / runs in the road. At that age even a small smack is VERY effective, to associate a certain behavior with punishment.
    (Often, it does not need to hurt the kid, it’s more the embarrassment, or they fact that they’ve let you down.)


    “Everyone’s opinion is NOT relevant, because they don’t send the children to that school distict..”
    commonsaychel: The parents and administrators of that school district are entitled to do whatever they want as allowable under state law and deal with the consequences of their policy decision. The OP is obviously seeking views of CR readers on the generic question of returning corporal punishment to schools.

    bored_teen 💕

    I think allowing someone besides a parent put their hands on a kid is a very slippery slope!


    I think it is very good to bring back spanking in schools. Though it should come with clear rules on how, where and when to administer it, like in this particular school district in Missouri

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