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    If a rich askan sponsored your new school building that your making & also gave you an additional $10 million dollars for future expenses. Would you still make a fundraising dinner for your school or organization? & if yes Why? you don’t need to raise any money now. you have someone paying for ALL expenses from A-Z


    Ten million doesn’t last long.


    when I wrote 10 million I meant what happens if the supporter pays all bills %100 of the org. so theres no need to raise money.


    What if he’s niftar and his heirs have other plans? I’ve Al’s seen one case where the askan was convicted of fraud and all of his assets were seized, leaving the yeshiva in bad shape because they had already incurred expenses


    One still has to do hishtadlus if you dont raise money during this time by the time u need to raise funds the donors may have forgotten you.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Interesting question. I believe the Chofetz Chaim deals with the idea, and isn’t happy about the tzibbur losing its zechus. L’maaseh, I can’t see any mossad turning it down.

    Are we talking about a promise to support, or money in the bank? That would make a big difference.


    we are talking lifetime of support for the organization.

    its the same thing, if you are promised full support from your rich in-laws (not just a monthly check but much more then your monthly expenses) do you have a reason not to be learning? if you aren’t learning it shows you have the midah of daaga (worry) which means the son-in-law lacks in Bitachon & emunah in hashem.

    if you have faith & trust in hashem then you lack nothing as we say in bentching & in tehillim. for one that puts his trust in hashem lacks nothing


    If you run an organisation that does not generate revenue then you should never stop accepting charity. Build endowment funds with voluntary donations, and grow them for some future time when you may need to draw them down.


    Mashiach Agent: I would imagine that the org would be oh so grateful but wouldn’t stop fundraising.

    If this donor passes on and has descendants, chances are the donations will be much less if they continue at all. If there are no descendants, then the well will dry sooner or later.

    What if the market shifts and this wealthy donor loses all or most of his money?

    What if the yeshiva needs a new building? As much as someone may give, there is a limit to what they’ll pay for.


    And with in laws giving money to support, that comes with another whole slew of problems. Many, many times, those wonderfully generous in laws end up telling you what to spend the money on and may show discontent or stop supporting if the money isn’t spent on things they think aren’t necessary, ie: extracurricular activities, hobbies, memberships to libraries, memberships to zoo’s, etc…


    What if the donor and the owners of the charity have a falling out (Ive seen this happen)

    Very few people (If any) give large sums of money with no strings attached, the strings might very reasonable requests like proper accounting or not to make the place a palace of nepotism and hiring qualified people


    everything in life comes with strings (Conditions) & sometimes its not worth it even if the donor is giving millions

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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