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    I was wondering…why isn’t there a “” There’s a Lakewoodscoop and Boro Park, etc…Anyone know?


    Monsey scoop? What would they report on, grass grew 1/4 inch overnight? Or that the leaves are starting to turn colors?

    In BP or Lakewood, if you blink, you’ve missed it. That’s why we have a scoop. So the OOTers can see what they missed.


    Makom hinichu lehisgader


    Shomrim Alert:

    Those who live in Monsey should beware of revealing that fact in their responses to this thread.

    Jothar, any comment?


    CB- I didnt see a “: )” at the end of your post but I’m praying that was a joke.


    good catch, charlie brown.


    bpt – You seem to be deprived of not having grass.



    I wasn’t kidding at all. Sorry to disapoint you.


    Wow this is getting out of hand.


    Hey, charlie brown and Jothar aren’t trying to close the thread. They are just trying to raise awareness. I think that’s a good thing.

    “If you see something – say something.” 😛


    “You seem to be deprived of not having grass”

    Hardly. In fact, just the other day, I passed a patch, in front of someones house. Or was that an “astro-turf” doormat?

    Oh well, no matter. If I want to see grass, I can always Google it!

    And for the record, on my weekly walk around the ‘nabe last night, I’m happy to report fresh snowfall! Or at least, thats what it appeared to be. After all, the streets were blanketed with a fresh coating of white, so it must be snow. And people thinj the BP folks are out of touch with nature.

    (P.S – Anyone in BP yesterday will get this joke. But I doubt it will appear on the Scoop, or CR for that matter. Too controversial)


    wunuvmeny, thx and you are correct.

    onegoal just curious why u think ots getting out of hand? did u think we were trying to shut the thread? I just wanted any monsey ppl to be careful what they write – they shouldn’t write something like yeah, we monsey people deserve a site too or something like that.


    Monsey has grown into a full size City.

    it is no longer a small town.

    there is much more to monsey than just Grass.

    Monsey happens to be in the news each day, should it be arrests Scandals and power outages. they make some noise, so they SHOULD have a scoop.


    Charlie, thanks for keeping us aware. It is very stupid to Reveal ANY personal info on any online forum.

    John Doe

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    CB – I, who am on board for shmira 100% was also thinking what onegoal said because monsey is not a small town. When someone says they are from Buffalo or go to “school x” it narrows you down, but when you said that saying you are from a huge community is revealing I too assumed you were joking. I hear that you are not, tho and respect that. You obviously have more info than we do.

    I thought it said Moneyscoop and was kind of confused at first..


    CB- I could not have said it better than Syag. Don’t get me wrong, I agree you should be warning people and I respect that, but I thought this was a bit too much.


    syag and onegoal,

    I don’t have more info than you and I agree that if the only info someone gave out online was that they live in monsey it would be pretty harmless because there are thousands of people in monsey.

    however if its one of several innocent pieces of info that get revealed then a creep can put all the pieces together to figure out who you are. (and there are people who actually take the time to track all these little details. It has happened here in the CR).

    Supposing I write that I live in monsey. In another thread I write that I grew up in LA. In another thread that I’m on hatzalah, in another that I’m the 3rd child in my family. Each of these facts alone would not blow my identity – but when taken together – how many people can there be on monsey hatzalah who grew up in LA and are the 3rd in their family?

    And believe it or not, even if these “revelations” were months apart in totally unrelated threads they can still be pieced together by a dedicated info seeker.

    disclaimer: If there is anyone who fits the description above it is purely coincidental.


    CB- I hear what you are saying and you have a good point, I stand corrected. This isn’t getting out of hand. I don’t mean this saracsticly at all.


    thx for being open minded, onegoal.


    This is a good question. The ad money alone would make it a worthwhile venture.


    I think that we should spread the profit to all that contributed to this idea.

    Lets go start stretching our your hands..

    Dave Hirsch
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