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    Why is it so hard to find employment these days? What am I doing wrong that I’m having such difficulty landing a job, even a low paying part time job? I’ve been to 2 interviews recently. After one interview, the company kept telling me that they have not made a decision yet, and should call back. I eventually gave up on them. After the next interview, I emailed the interviewer after a week as was told to do so by the interviewer. However, haven’t heard back from the interviewer til 2wks later stating via email “there are no jobs available, do I want to be a sub?” (This sounded very weird, because interviewer mentioned at interview that I would be good for the position. So I’m wondering what happened after that.) In addition, I had connections with both of these places.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I’m sure you must be quite frustrated.

    What might have happened is that the job had been offered to someone else with more experience (or better connections), and they continued to hold interviews while waiting for a reply, and then that person accepted.

    I hope you find a good job soon.


    “Why is it so hard to find employment these days?”

    1. People with job credentials that are in demand would disagree with you. In those areas, employers complain how hard it is to find qualified workers.

    2. At the bottom of market place (for those with minimal job skills), the minimum wage and required employee benefits price many people out of the market (in other words, if you can’t produce $10/hour of extra profit for the company, they save money by not hiring you).

    3.Everyone has trouble getting a “first” job unless they have solid training and credentials (okay, everyone whose family doesn’t own a company). Working part time, or as a sub, or as an unpaid intern, etc., are ways of starting off a resume and convincing empolyers you are capable of being an employee.

    4. Why don’t you mention what sort of job you are looking for, where, and what your credentials are? The fact you mentioned that you were relying on connections suggest you may have a problem.


    I’m afraid I don’t have any specific advise for you, but (FWIW), I hope you find something soon. May HKBH bless your search efforts and help you to secure a good position soon.

    The Wolf

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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