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    Is it just me or are more people revealing their recipe secrets today?

    —When I was younger, I feel like I remember the adult world was very particular about sharing recipes, and some didn’t share at all.

    Nowadays, with the internet and more cooking exposure, it seems like people are happy to share their secrets and tips. Less competition and more collaboration.

    But maybe it is just me? I am comparing my childhood memories with the present adult reality. Are adults more open now about sharing their recipes and trying out new ones?

    Thanks! 🙂



    It’s silly for recipes to be secret.



    I remember when it used to be less expensive to bake goods at home. While this may still be the case if one buys in bulk, it still takes a lot of time to bake and at least for me, time is a luxury and so are the expenses of baking.

    Maybe there was a time when secret recipes gave a company or person an advantage. Status. Now maybe even if it is no secret, people will still buy something store bought or homemade because it just tastes better and/or has more appeal for today’s world and life.

    I think it’s nice to have a secret ingredient or recipe. A rebbetzin told me the secret to her hummus and it really changed everything! Such a blessing 🙂



    OK lightbright tell us the secret ingredient in the rebbetzin hummus.
    People been waiting 10 months to hear it.
    Secret Recipes! no more secrets?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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