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    1. Anybody out there that does NOT wear a kitel by the Seder. My father a”h was from Oberland and did not wear a kitel by the seder – only the white hat.

    2. Anybody remove any wine from their cup by “Be’Domayich Chayee – Be’Domayich Chayee”, similar to the way most people do it when reciting the makkos?


    1- I heard of some who do not have such a minhag. however,according to rav shlomo zalman there is no mekor whatsoever for not wearing a kittel shana rishona.

    2- that probably comes from what people do by a bris mila


    1. Anybody out there that does NOT wear a kitel by the Seder.

    My minhag is to wear one. However, by the second seder this year, I left it at home by accident. Rather than be matriach everyone by having them wait while I went back to retrieve it, I simply did without.

    The Wolf


    1 – There is a mekor for not wearing a kittel during shana rishona. (I don’t have it handy at the moment.)


    ~ we dip our pinky finger by the makkos and d’tzach adash b’achav.

    ~ I don’t know why but we have a minhag to eat tzimes by the meal (sliced carrots cooked in honey sauce).


    family practices:

    1. only the “leader” of the seder wears a kittel

    2. no one “gets up” to wash – water is brought to the table for everyone


    we use a finger to dip because of ???? ??????.

    It is our Minhag to dip by ????? ???.

    We lean for nearly everything at the seder including ???? and ????? ????, besides for ???? and ????.

    When we lean, we do so by lying across a couch/settee. Anyone else do that?


    Yaff: Some of us used to lean like that, but we can’t now because our family is too big and we wouldn’t all fit in the room.


    We use a pillow on our chair.


    Jekkes do not wear a Kittel on Seder nite. They make up, by wearing a Kittel on Rosh haShono.

    Some Haggodos leave out the verse of “b’Domayich Chayi” because at that point, are 2 verses in the wrong order, verse 7 followed by verse 6, so ratrher than recite 2 verses in the wrong sequence, they leave out 2nd verse.

    Shmoel:- The Mekor for not wearing a Kittel during Shono Rishono:-Touch base with Moreinu hoRav Hamburger shlita:- Director & Poseik & Rav of Moreshes Ashkenaz, who has clearly paskened, that don’t wear a Kittel during Shono Rishono.


    ~ only the married men wash Urchatz. The water is brought to the table in a washing cup & large bowl, and a towel.

    ~ We greet Eliyahu HaNavi by saying, “Boruch Habah, Rebbe”.

    ~ My Shver, may he be well, actually negotiates with the grandkids for their afikomon presents for 20-30 minutes. He gets a real kick out of it! All in good taste and humor.

    ~ All the kids say Ma Nishtana, startig with the youngest kid.

    Shticky Guy

    Where does this thing of ‘dipping the pinky finger’ come from? I learnt, and most haggadas say, ‘remove some wine with the finger’ meaning scoop a little wine out with your finger. Where does this dipping thing, which I have seen many people do, come from?

    Wolf: Another example of your sterling middos yet again. A lot of people would have gone back for their kittel. To sit there uncomfortably without it so as not to inconvenience others is an amazing thing in my opinion. (I vote we get Artscroll to bring out a book on this guy!)



    when I said we ‘dip’ with our pinky, i meant we dip and then put the “drip” on a napkin or plate under the bechur. We repeat this by all makkos, thus removing wine from the bechur.

    “(I vote we get Artscroll to bring out a book on this guy!) “

    I think one must be dead in order to have Artscroll come out with a book on them…but he definitely is an outstanding, choice candidate (for a book, not for being dead 😛 )


    Talking about the pinky finger;- Where does this thing of poking the pinky finger at Hagbohas haTorah come from?


    (I vote we get Artscroll to bring out a book on this guy!)

    I don’t get it.

    When I post in a self-deprecatory manner, I get greeted with sarcasm about being a “tzaddik”. And now I see that when I post in a non-self-deprecatory manner, I still get greeted with sarcasm.

    In any event you needn’t worry about my comfort. It wasn’t uncomfortable — everyone there was either a blood-relative, wife or an in-law. In addition, my father-in-law (who was there) does not wear a kittel either, so I wasn’t the only one.

    The Wolf


    147: That’s an interesting theory. I noticed it because this year I was using an reprint of an old German haggada with translation and thought it might have been left out for fear of blood libels due to antisemitic printers and censors reading it. Your explanation makes more sense because the haggada I was using (Rodelheim) was originally printed in a time and place where blood libels weren’t a serious issue.


    As yaff80 mentioned, dipping finger could be to remind us of ???? ?????, another idea is “????? ????? ?? ????”- with the fall of your enemies do not rejoice, and so to show a little sadness at the fall of the Egyptians we pour out a little wine in their memory. (This 2nd ??? is, admittedly, not so good, because the Gemara in Megilla says that this only applies by other Jews ??”?).

    As for 147, I believe that the idea of pointing the pinky at the torah is that as we find many times in ??”?, when we say “????” or similar words, it means that someone is pointing at it (ex. ???? ??? ???, where Rashi explains that Hashem showed Moshe how the moon is supposed to look) so we point. As for why the pinky, Rav Belsky said that the “pointer” finger is an accusatory finger, so we do not want to use that, and in addition the pinky seems to be a “humble” finger, so to speak. Whatever the real ???? is, remember “???? ????? ????” and “?? ????? ?? ?????”.

    Oh yeah, and ??? ??? ???.


    seems i share some minhagim with BaalHabooze! we also dip our pinky, all the kids say Mah Nishtana from youngest up, including the married ones, and we greet Eliyahu hanavi with Boruch Habba. we also dip egg in salt water, either as a zecher l’kurban chagiga or as a siman aveilus for the bhm”k


    If you were unable to attend a Seder:- Is there such a thing as making it up a few days later? because apparently Obama won’t be able to hold a Seder @White House BiZemano, due to his trip to Saudi Arabia & Britain, and yet is making his Seder a week later when he returns to the White House.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    He will be just as much yotzei as he was last year.


    when is he doing it? chol hamoed or lag baomer?


    Isn’t that exactly what Pesach Sheini is for?

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