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    There is an english translation of Sefer Chasidim by Avraham Yaakov Finkel.

    It is completely out of print. The publisher was bought over and the new one does not own the rights. I want to buy it but the only copies are by unscrupulous sellers demanding $200-400 for a book that came out at 50.

    I have spent over a year searching every known store Jewish and not. Would anyone know where I can find this, or be wiling to sell one to me at a reasonable retail price?


    out of curiosity, what do you consider a reasonable price for what sounds like an unavailble one of a kind item?


    have you tried pomerantz book store they usually carry the old books from aronson


    If you just want to read it, perhaps you could get it through your college or public library, through inter-library loan? I checked one old English translation of that sefer (not sure if it’s the same translation you’re seeking) out from a library a few years ago.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    It’s not on their website.


    Thanks for the replies.

    I spoke with the publishe. Jason Aronson was bought over by Rowan. Cosmic irony, they have all books but Sefer Chasidim. That alone reverted back to the author, Avraham Yaakov Finkel.

    I would like to contact him as well – I am very interested in his works – but don’t know how.

    Since it came out at $50 I would pay at least that much. But bear in mind living in Australia that will be another $26 shipping.

    Sefer Chasidim is a book frequently quoted in mussar, mystical and halachic discussions; and I’d very much like to read the Torah thoughts of a holy man who coukd bring the departed back to life, even temporarily.


    I have bought from Pomeranz in Israel before. I will double check again..,


    Call the holder of the rights for permission to copy.



    As I said above, I don’t have the english translation of the book. How then can I copy it?

    I also said I would like to contact the author but don’t have his details.

    Thinking out loud

    Rabbi Finkel who translated many books (some as fundraisers for Yeshiva Beth Moshe, Scranton, PA) lives in Boro Park.

    We have a book that lists phone numbers by address – and he is listed there as Jack Finkel.

    I don’t know if Yeshiva World allows posting phone numbers, but do a search at whitepages dot com for Jack Finkel in Brooklyn, New York. He lives on forty seventh street, and is listed. The listing may alternatively be Jack A Finkel


    (I haven’t logged in or posted in years… I’m going back to routine lurking now!)


    Thanks for that.

    I was hoping for an email address as I live on the other side of the world. I haven’t been able to find an email for the yeshiva too… or an actual website… I wanted to contact him via them…

    Thinking out loud

    Rabbi Finkel is kein eiyen hora not a young fellow. I wouldn’t bet on him having email.

    You are correct, I can’t either find any email contact info for Yeshiva Beth Moshe in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It’s also called the Milton Eisner Yeshiva.

    I guess you have to invest in a telephone call to Rabbi Finkel himself.

    All the best.


    I didn’t know he was a rabbi. All books I have of his just say Avraham Yaakov Finkel…

    Yes, I know he is an elderly man. He translated the entire Ein Yaakov, has done a translation of the Mishneh Torah, the Maharsha of the Talmudic aggada, and loads more. If only I had the yeshiva’s email… can’t believe they don’t have a website…

    Thinking out loud

    He’s a very obvious Talmid Chochom, based on his translations alone, so I can’t imagine calling him Mister. Rabbi Finkel worked on a Tanna D’vei Eliyahu published by the Yeshiva as recently as 2013, so maybe he does in fact have email. Regardless, it isn’t published anywhere.

    I’m wondering, why is it necessary for you to use email, instead of investing in a short telephone call? You can call Rabbi Finkel and ask if/how you can contact him via email, since that is easier for you. The call would only last less than a minute or two! Worst case scenario, he will tell you that he can’t be contacted via the web!

    Independent rebbeim/staff at Yeshiva Beth Moshe have personal/private email formatted like this: “…“.

    I can not find any public resource that lists a contact email address for the yeshiva office, or administrator. If you are determined to avoid freely published telephone contact numbers, there is some information that can be helpful if you use google. There’s a Scranton Jewish community site to promote information and interest in the kehilla: Jewishscranton dot org.

    Under the “community” link there is an education link. That page has a description of the 4 schools there. The Bnos Yisroel high school has a contact email address listed. The address is using Yeshiva Beth Moshe’s email domain. So apparently, Bnos Yisroel has or had some technical connection to the Yeshiva. I imagine they would have any online public contact information for the yeshiva – if it exists.

    Perhaps you can send a quick email to Bnos Yisroel, asking for the email address that Yeshiva uses. Or request that they forward your email to the Yeshiva for you. Many yeshivos and Bais Yaakov type schools in consolidated Jewish Communities do not have a need to maintain a presence on the web. A listed address and telephone number serve their needs.

    I still think it’s simpler to call Rabbi Finkel.


    That was very helpful, thank you. Appreciate that. Will look into this.

    I just got his Tanna Dvei Eliyahu. It’s already out of print. This was not commonly or widely available in the main seforim stores…

    I can’t call simply because being in Australia my day is his night, his day is my night. I don’t have a decent time. I have a lot going on at my end; I’m in no mindframe to chat. Email is quick and easy. I have a keen interest in his works, there’s lots of questions I’d like to ask.

    After Shabbos I’ll give that suggestion a try.

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