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    There used to be a text message reminder service for Sefirat HaOmer. Anyone have the info on it for this year?

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    I signed up for a whole bunch just to be sure. I get the myzmanim emails, @OmerCount and @CountSefira twitter feeds, the helpayid site mentioned above, and Some of them send reminders during the day too just in case you missed at night. Getting all the multiple reminders helps to remind me what day it is.


    i love the text message reminder however, last night because it was shabbos i didnt get a message and forgot to count. luckily i remembered this afternoon.

    thank you to the text message folks!!


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    For guys who Daven Maariv, just daven ????? and you will never forget. Friday Night is the only time you have to remember – without texts, emails or twitter.


    Apple has great apps that will accommodate this need.


    Yekke2 do you realize that there are times a person just can’t be in shul with minyan for a reason. We live in a diverse world even with minyan in BP or Flatbush til one or two in the morning, I can imagine many reasons. Not everybody lives near places with multiple minyanim. Reminders are an excellent idea.

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    Also, women generally do not daven maariv with a minyan but do count sefira with a beracha (ashkanazim) so these services are great for them.


    When I was first came to the yeshiva there was an altah bochur who decided one year to set up a “pool” for sefirah, where everybody put in money and whoever finished split the money.

    So we figured it was a good way to make sure we finished, so why not. So we all bought in, and then he spent the rest of sfirah sabotaging everyone. He would change the sign in the beis medrash like 5 times a day, and nobody would remember what day it was, and one day he was the chazzan and he davka said the wrong day so that everyone would be tricked, and many more tricks that I don’t want to say in case I ever decide pull them on you.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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