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    In January 2012 I applied for Food Stamps and did everything needed for a new case.

    I didnt hear from them for a few months, I tried contacting them numerous times but nothing helped.

    A day before Rosh Hashana, my representative that helped me out in this has told me that she advises me to apply again.

    My options were: Either apply again, and I’ll only start getting Foodstamps from when I apply now.

    Or keep on waiting and calling and if they open the case from January, then I should get Foodstamps for all missed months.

    I told the rep, that I’ll wait till after Succos. If I get my foodstamps before succos and IF I get for all the lost months (which is 10 months), then I’ll give $1000 of it to Satmar Bikur Cholim of Seagate Recuperation Home (where sick people come to recuperate free of charge).

    My rep was laughing and she said ‘IF you do get the foodstamps, then you’ll probably not get for the past 10 month; go fight city hall).

    This conversation took place a day before rosh hashana.


    I got my food stamps card motzai Yom Kippur!!

    AND – filled up with 10 month of benefits!!

    Now its time to do my promise, and I sent the money I promised just a few days before to the Recuperation Home.

    This was way more then AMAZING — open hashgacha from above!

    If anyone wants to donate to that Recuperation Home:

    Menuchas Hanefesh

    543 Bedford Ave. #122

    Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Have a blessed year!


    Wow! A truly amazing story.


    I dont think you are allowed to donate food stamp benefits, they are for your use and nobody else.

    Now if you want to save $100 in food and donate that money to tzdekah, then its ok


    @zahavasdad, you may be right if it would be a regular monthly benefit. However, in the past 10 months I spend most of my income for my food when I shouldve had it with foodstamps – if not for their delay. They even told me, that they might make the money as a cash withdrawal option – because Ive spend my regular money on food.


    I WOULD ASK A SHAILAH IF WERE YOU. When you signed the form it clearly says you can misuse the funds and must only be used on your family. It also says you cant donate it either I believe. My wife is schtark with our card she didnt want to use on cupcakes for my sons 5th birthday party at school and for his party at the house. I had to fight with her to use on the Roast for yumtov she didnt she only used chicken and basic things for it. Thank goodness my in laws paid for the roast instead.


    I’m thrilled.


    You can’t donate food stamps benefits directly in any case –it’s a debit card that can be used only at authorized vendors. What he/she meant was to donate other money instead.


    hatzlucha18: You should be aware that food stamps expire 12 months (or is it 6 months?) after they are added to your EBT Benefit Card, if you don’t use it before then.


    Quite a story. Hatzlacha and may you no longer need food stamps!


    Wowi wish i had a spare thousand to throw away like the food stamp peeps


    Could you be a little more specific? Where did the thousand dollars you donated come from? Your checking (or other) account? The ebt card? Some other source? I’m glad you got the benefits you are entitled to, I’m just hoping you are not telling us a story of hashgacha pratis and simulaneously telling us you committed fraud with your ebt card.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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